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Hey there everyone! Mich here. I hope that everyone is doing well and I hope that you enjoy my stories that are posted here and on wattpad.

Fics being worked on:

Main Fic (UPCOMING) The Jaded Will Rise: It is a Loki/OC fanfiction that I am co-writing with a very good friend. We may end up making a separate account to post the fic on and if that is done, I will post the link to it on here.

Other fic(s):

Dawned Upon: a House MD fanfiction that I am bringing back from the dead that was written years ago in a notebook, so bare with me on how it progresses... my writing has changed a lot since I wrote the story.

*You want me to Date You: Another House MD fanfiction, this one is a fresh idea that came to me while I was (and still am) re-watching all of the seasons of the show.

*The King and His Student: I will not let this fanfic die! I am planning on working on it, but it will be slow going

thank you to everyone that is out there that still reads my works and sticking with me for the long haul...

I officially also have an account on Wattpad... there are five works on that site by me so far, a House MD fic, and three RL fics. There will be more stories on that site, just follow me and stay tuned! Search Mich2992 (stories with stars are on wattpad also)

As always, if anyone would be interested in co writing a story with me, please send me a pm and I will get back to you asap. I also have stories that are currently being worked on being put onto the computer from being in old notebooks so bare with me. I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything new on here but I will post and keep updating in time I promise.

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