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Hi and welcome to my bios.

It has been a while since I got this account so it is about time for me to write a bit here. Thanks to RubyNury for getting me of my lazy butt and do it.

I am a 29 year old male that really likes to read (hence my name here).
(There will probably not be any stories of mine put up here. While plot-bunnies may attack me both often and viciously I am hampered by my lack of ability to flesh out stories and writing dialouge. I have some small snippets that I may release one day but I make no promises.) Wow, it didn't take long for me to make that a lie. Again it was the fantastic RubyNury who got me to do this. Her support and curiosity drove me forward. I thank her for it. She is a very nice girl and I owe her very much. Suki da my friend.

Then we have the matter of ships.

In Sailor Moon my absolute favorite is Usagi/Rei.
My second is Usagi/Haruka followed by Usagi/Hotaru.

In Code Lyoko I support the canon ships.
I do have soft spot for Jeremy/Yumi but can't stomach Odd/Ailita or Yumi/William.

In Kim Possible I like Ron/Kim.
Second comes Ron/Shego for spice.

In Ranma 1/2 I like Ranma/Akane but that is closely followed by Ranma/Nabiki.
Ranko/Any of the above
Ranko/Male (A guilty pleasure of mine. I know that it is hated by many, especially on TFF but when it's well written I can't keep myself from reading it.)

Naruto/Hinata (My absolute favorite. I just think they work well, if you develop both characters.)
Naruto/Any girl (Really, there aren't any of the girls I wouldn't see him with. Well perhaps not the old hags but MILFs are okay too.)
Naruto/Harem (Because some times you just can't choose.)
Naruko/The ships above. (Yuri is fine too.)
Naruko/Male (There are good ones out there. Same principels work for this as it does for Ranko.)

Harry Potter

I hate the canon pairings with a fiery loathing. That does not mean I hate Harry/Ginny or Ron/Hermione (though I still dislike the last one). The problem is that JK Rowling messed up her writing so that I can not support those ships in canon. Her characters grew away from her planning and she failed in bringing them back to where she wanted them. She forced them back in her last books in a way that destroyed them.
She also failed in making us see the characters as she meant for us to see them. She meant for Snape to be sort of dark hero that we would like but did not balance his actions so that we can feel it.
The same thing was for Dumbledore. She meant for him to to be a Light caracter but some of his actions where not. She failed to explain why such a strong character failed so much in handling the war.

I also feel cheated by her introducing The Deathly Hollows so late. The only one we have seen of those was the Invisibility Cloak and that did not seem to do its job good enough for being such a thing. (Both Moody and Dumbledore being able to see trough it.)

:Takes a deep breath: Enough ranting about that, back to ships.
Harry/Pansy or Daphne (They tie)
Harry/Harem (Because the guy needs much love with that background.)
And more Harry/Female but those I will add later.

That is all I can think of for now, see you around.

Reader458 out.

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