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Yo !

I'm Shin. That's all? Yeah I think so =D

Oh well: For starters...Erm I'm a guy. I sign in fanfiction 'cause I wanted to...rewiew some fic I thought were good...Stupid reason...? Yeah I get it.

Oh yeah, after reading a lot and a lot of fic I thought I'd write one...Though I have, like zero talent for that. So just forgive and thing about it as something a mad man did! 8D

Well, other stuff I can say...Hmm... I guess I'll say that I prefer hetero pairing, not that I have a thing against yaoi or yuri (or shonen-ai or shojo-ai).

But the fact is that I'm a guy and all...and that tends to make me like hetero pairing (and shojo-ai) more than guyxguy's. But I don't mind them at all,though. 'Cause it's fun to read them when the story's good or fun.

Oh yeah, right. As for my pairing selection, I guess I'm quite the odd one. I always, (well 98% of the case) pair up my fav male character with my fav female character. And that give birth to odd couple...But I just can't help but LOVE them 8D!

Currently, I'm kind of in love with Reborn and Gosick.

Fav character from reborn : Yamamoto, Chrome, Mukuro and...Tsuna.

My pairing for those four being 8096 ('cause I like it) and 6927 (...Well, aren't they fun together...?)

And I think that Mukuro and Yamamoto could be great friend...No? You don't think they have anything in common?...But I do think they are alike...Meh, whatever.

Sorry if my english sux so much but I've got the excuse that kill the horses : I AM FRENCH !! YEAH 8D

Favorite pairing

Vocaloid : Kaito x Luka

Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn : Yamamoto x Chrome - Mukuro x Tsuna

Aldnoah Zero : Slaine x Asseylum

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