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Hello! Thanks for stopping by.

About myself:

Name: You can call me Jay.

Penname: I used my cat's name Sheba and joined it with my nickname Jay. So for those of you who are wondering about that there you go. Also Sheba shows up a lot in the stories I write.

Age: If you must know I’m old enough to drink and get in trouble.

Gender: What do you think?

A little more about me: I work at The YMCA in the City I live and I’m going to a community College for a Computer Programming degree.

Anime I like: I haven’t really seen any I dislike but here is a list of some of my fav.



Black Blood Brothers

Black Cat

Card Capture Sakura

Code Geass

Cowboy Bebop

Cyborg 009

D.N. Angel

D. Grayman


Elemental Glade


Fruit Basket

Full Metal Panic

Gundam (all the ones they actually had pilots)

Ghost Hunt


Hoop Days (Dear Boys)

Kyou Kara Maou

Magical Knight Rayearth (I like the second season better)

Mirage of Blaze


One Piece

Ouran Host Club


Prince of Tennis (who doesn’t love this one)

Princess Princess (oddly enough this was one of my fav.)

Rental Magica

Ronin Warriors (My all time Fav.)

Saint Seiya (A fav.)

Tactics (another one of my favs.)

Witch Hunter Robin

Yu-Gi-Oh (Surprisingly I like the 5d’s and GX better then the original)

And many more…

Games I like:

Ar Tonelico (I haven’t decided which one I like better)

Devil May Cry

Final Fantasy (sadly I haven’t played the ones for PS but I love VII and the ones for PS2)

.Hack GU (I just like them)

Growlanswer (all time fav is the Heritage of War. I actually have a story with some char.)

Kingdom Hearts (who doesn’t. I love all the characters for the most part. Fav of all time)

Persona 3 & 4 (I haven’t played the first two)

Star Oceans (one of my fav of all time)

Suikoden (The fifth one is my fav. I have a story in the works, crossover with Growlanswer Heritage of War)

Tales of Legendia

Tales of Symphonia (for game cube and wii)

Tales of the Abyss


Zelda (can’t forget this classic game. I love the super Nintendo and the twilight princess for the wii.)

And many more…

Well now you know a little more about me. I hope you enjoy any stories I post. I love to hear what readers think of them as well. I have a Suikoden story (cross over with Growlanswer), a D.N. Angel (story based not with any characters in it), and Ronin Warrior (posting this right know). You can PM me if you would like me to post the ones I mentioned once I finish my Ronin Warrior story. Thank for the visit. Come back again.


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