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Obviously I'm a sci-fi fan. I enjoy crossovers of the major shows, movies and games (Star Wars, Star Trek, Halo, Babylon 5) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE review they are invaluable tools as a writer.

I will be deleting A time for Peace and a Time for war. They will be replaced by a different version of A Time for Peace (A Star Trek Online/Star Wars Crossover.) The timeline from A Time for War will stand but I'm changing things up to where the Zeus goes missing in the Azure nebula instead of Delta Volanis. The Crossover with Star Wars will be co-current with the Books Specter of the Past and Vision for the Future.

I thought about rewriting a Time for Peace and adding in more details and changing some events around but I felt I would end up following Nighthawk-66's Terran Republic Affair and Andromeda War. As much as I loved those stories I didn't want mine to become a Star Trek version of it.

Obviously any legal stuff applies and while I do own copies of some the games mentioned the franchises themselves are the property of the respective companies. Some characters are originally mine however you'll probably figure out who those are.

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