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About Me...

Hair color: All depends on what mood I'm in. Although my natural hair color is blonde I like to mix it up sooooo at the moment it is: Black.

Eye color: Blue :)

Age: Well if you must know I was born in December in 1985 SO do the math lol...hmm I feel old -_-' heh I first discovered the joys of fanfiction when I was 18 *sighs* and I haven't regretted a day since XD

Hieght: 5"6 I'm a bit short I know :P

Wieght: Look I don't even tell my friends so what makes you think I'll tell you -_-

Favorite colors: Black, Silver, and Purple

Favorite animals: Foxes, Rabbits, Horses, and Butterfies...except I don't think that last one is an animal hmm favorite insect then *grins*

Favorite Anime/Manga:

Dragon Ball/Z/GT(Manga & Anime)

Sailor Moon(Manga & Anime)

Yu Yu Hakusho(Manga & Anime)

InuYasha(Manga & Anime)

Gundam Wing/AC(Anime)

G Gundam(Anime)

Rurouni Kenshin(Manga & Anime)

Tenchi Muyo/Universe/Tokyo(Anime)


Digimon(Anime, all seasons except the last one, I wasn't too much of a fan of that one)

Vampire Knight/Guilty(Manga & Anime)

Fruits Basket(Anime)

Spirited Away(Anime)

Outlaw Star(Anime)

Princess Mononoke(Anime)

Loveless(Manga & Anime)

Flint: The Time Detective(Anime)

Bleach(Manga & Anime)

Naruto(Manga & Anime)

Monster Rancher(Anime)



Zoids(Anime, both seasons)

Ronin Warriors(Anime)

St. Dragon Girl(Manga)

Beyblade(Anime, first and second season only)

Fushigi Yugi(Manga)


Black Bird(Manga)

Ouran High School Host Club(Manga & Anime)

Oban Star-Racers(Anime)



Angel Sanctuary(Manga & Anime)

Pokemon(Anime, the orginals as in the first and second seasons, after that I gave up, too many freakin' pokemon to keep track of...they really butchered it...atleast I think so -')

Hamtaro(Anime, I swear that has to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen n_n)

Mon Colle Knights(Anime)

Favorite Cartoons:

X-Men Evolution/Wolverine and the X-men

Danny Phantom


Teen Titans



Captain Planet (hehehe I used to always watch this when I was younger-SAVE THE PLANET YAY -')

Transformers: Beast Wars

Favorite Females:

Serena/Usagi Tsukino (SM)

Kagome Higurashi (IY)

Chi-Chi Son and Pan Son (DBZ)

Relena Peacecraft (GW)

Kaoru Kamiya (RK)

Sasami/Tsunami (TM)

Mimi Tachikawa. (Digimon)

Miaka Yuki (FY)

Sam Manson (DP)

Raven (TT)

Rogue (X-MEN)

Cornelia (Witch)

Misty/ Kasumi (Pokemon) Ooohh I also LOVE Jigglypuff-it's sooo CUTE *squeals* I want one!

Yuki Cross/Kuran (VK)

Haruhi Fujioka (OHSHC)

Tohru Honda (FB)

Misao Harada (BB)

Sara Mudo/Jibril (AS)

Momoka Sendou (SDG)

Favorite Males:

M. Trunks/C. Trunks Briefs (DBZ)

Duo Maxwell (GW)

Youko Kurama/Suichi Minamino (YYH)

Sesshomaru (IY)

Kenshin Himura/Battousai (RK)

Matt/Yamato Ishida. (Digimon)

Darien Shields/Mamoru Chiba (SM)

Danny Fenton/Phantom (DP)

Zero Kiryu and Kuran Kaname (VK)

Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto)

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin (OHSHC)

Hotohori (FY)

Hatsuharu and Ayame Sohma (FB)

Kyo Usui (BB)

Setsuna Mudo and Raphael (AS)

Ryuga Kou (SDG)

Toshiro Hitsugaya and Ukitake Jushiro (Bleach)

I love any crossover pairings/couples involving either Usagi (Sailor moon) or Kagome (Inuyasha). Although my favorite would have to be Kagome/Kurama and Usagi/Trunks!!!

Oh and my all time favorite book series has to be Animorphs *shrugs* what can I say that was the first series I had ever read waaayyyy before I started to read manga and watch anime hehehe it's a classic and I still enjoy reading it -' My favorite characters/pairing would be Rachel/Tobias :)

Okay so I decided to put this little tid bit about my preference about the characters/stories I read and enjoy. Now I have many characters that I love and some I dislike. I've never really hated or despised any character, whether they're the baddies or just some whose personalities aren't all that great. It's either they're my all time favorites or I'm neutral on them, meaning I don't care that when I read a story and they're a secondary character, they can be either good or bad, it doesn't matter to me. I'm not going to hate on them but I'm not going to love them either, they're just there to make a story more interesting(good or bad wise) and to move the plot along. I'm reading/writing a story with my favorite character(s) and all else dosen't interest me enough to hate on a character that, yes I may not like sometimes and become annoyed by them, but I'm not going to come out and say that they should die, be humiliated or anything like that. But I'm also not going to be angry should an auther/autheress decide they don't like them, hate them or absolutely love them. It's their choice. For example: Kikyou and Sakura. I don't like them but I don't hate them either. And I will also say this: I do not enjoy reading stories that revolve around an O.C., they too fall in the neutral category for me. I mean it's one thing to have them be a companion or something else to the leading character, the one I'm reading about, but it's whole another to have them come in and take over the whole thing, and than -wham- you're suddenly reading a story centering around someone else, an O.C. that was brought into the middle of the story on a person's whim with no warning what-so-ever. And I really, REALLY don't like it when they're all powerful/perfect/beautiful/ect. than everyone else. I just don't think people put too much thought or effort into their characters if it ends up like that. It's sloppy work to me. Their abilities and personality needs to be built up to that type of point and even than it's not always plausible but I suppose it can all depend on the series too. This also goes for my favorite characters, even Kagome, who is my all time favorite female character, I don't think she's perfect, because even though I enjoy reading and writing about her and many others so very much, it doen't mean I don't know that they don't have flaws to them, they're not perfect, hell I really don't think there's any type of being out there that's perfect, real or not. And should I see a story that hates on one of the characters that I love or has an orignal character that's taken up too much of the storyline, I just don't read it or hit the back button as simple as that. I will never, ever flame someone for their portrayal of a character and/or plot, if I don't like, I don't read. And as for grammer and spelling, it is a little pet peeve of mine but I realize that there will always be those types of mistakes no matter what and as long as the person(s) are willing to try and fix their punctuation and try harder, I'll still read the story as long as it's eligible and I'm able to actually read it. Well anyways that's my little rant/thoughts *grins sheepishly* I hope you enjoyed it :D

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