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Life sucks, and then you die.
That's been sort of the tagline for me these past few (re: WAY more than few) months. Random break-ins culminating in nearly everything I own being stolen (clothes and furniture as well as everything electronic AND my coffee maker!), a bad car wreck and having to work 60+ hours a week just to pay rent after my roommate left without warning, amongst other incidents. I've had to put my stories on hold as RL has taken up all of my time. I'm re-reading the stories I have, in the hopes of being inspired to start some new chapters. The last time this happened was right before my laptop was stolen...so let's hope this endeavor bears more fruit!

Ayn Rand, Stephanie Meyer, Stephen King, Douglass Adams, Aldous Huxley, Lois Lowry, John Milton-Favorite Autors

I read a lot. I don't have a TV but I occasionally watch shows online or at a friend's house.
That's about it. I was working on quite a few fics, but the laptop was stolen and the few I had written down in a spiral were lost in one of the three moves I've made this last year...but hopefully things will be calming down a bit more and I'll have more time to devote to writing!

I guess, that's it for now!! I'll write more later. I love this site...yeah!! XoXoXoX

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