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I guess I'm back to writing here again? *sigh* It's been a long time since I've written a story here and from what I observed in my previous stories, some of them suck. For me that is. But I'll do my best to make a better one because I have this feeling to prove myself as a college girl. Anyway, feel free to read whatever nonsense I put here haha

Fav. anime: (I'll mention some)

Inuyasha/The Final Act/ The Movies

Fushigi Yuugi/Genbu Kaiden/ The Movies

Ranma 1/2

Card Captor Sakura/Movies

Alice Academy

Top 5 Fav. songs:

When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne

My Happy ending by Avril Lavigne

Here we go Again by Demi Lovato

Should Have Said no by Taylor Swift

Never Say Goodbye by Jojo

Top 5 fav. artists:

Avril Lavigne

Taylor Swift

Demi Lovato


Kelly Clarkson

Recommended Books:

1. Secrets by Brenda Joyce

2. The Gift by Julie Garwood

3. The Last Bachelor by Betina Krahn - I might make this into an Inuyasha fanfiction-

My Soon Fanfics... Maybe?:

1. The Substitute Bride
Will Kagome answer "Will you marry me?" when Inuyasha temporarily don't have his 'bride to be'?

2. Two Faced
A girly face, a masculine voice. Girly hair, masculine attitude. These are some of the features of the famous singer, Kota... Or was it Kagome?

3. Our Combination
A cheerful cross-dresser by the name of Kagome Higurashi is loved by everyone. A goody good genius by the name of Inuyasha Takahashi always ranked number one. Oh, and they're best friends.

My On-going Stories:

1. Here We Go Again
Kagome and her friends are given the chance to enter a new girl band contest wherein they have to be partnered with a famous boy band group. The catch, they're partnered with SKIM, the most famous boy band group who have a cocky and arrogant vocalist...

2. Mine
"I remember how we felt sitting by the water, and every time I look at you it's like the first time. I fell in love with a careless man's careful daughter. She is the best thing that's ever been mine." The hottest bachelor cried to the infamous audience.

3. My Last Christmas (Under Construction)
- Kagome Higurashi, future owner of the Shikon Company, never celebrated Christmas. She is the Ice Queen and never smiled. But then, the youngest wanted bachelor with a cocky attitude, decided to end her unhappy life. Can he make Ice Queen genuinely smile?

4. The Magical Life (Hiatus)
Kagome has a past that keeps on bugging her... But this time, she knew she can't go back... Not now that she met her Prince... And not now that the prophecy is to be fulfilled... Can she catch up to the future in time?

My Completed Stories:

1. Chat Love
Inuyasha is the perfect guy... Kagome is the ordinary girl... A simple story of two people who wanted to meet each other...

2. Desk
A five-shot love story about EX... it's been 3 years since they broke up... the other one can't move on while the other is still hoping... but just because of a desk, their paths will meet once again... InuxKag

Here We Go Again Links!

Kagome's dress for the birthday party chapter 19!


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