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Story Challenge, The Magic of Music!

1) Harry doesnt grow up with the dursleys. He somehow ends up with a band of magical musicians.

2) He has a huge talent for music based magic. Ill leave the particulars up to whoever writes the story

3) He also learns a lot of runes, and uses that skill to create a musical instrument that is very special, he can manipulate it to produce the magic of an entire band at once, of many different genres. It can take any form you want, but my original picture was of a slightly clunky guitar he can twist around like a rubicks cube to form the needed runes for the music he wants to create.

4) Lots of singing going on at hogwarts. Think, Sound of a Jinchuriki for an example.

5) Being a bit of a musical sensation, Harry is used to being popular, he is not shy, and is in fact a definate leader in personality.

6) Harry ends up with 2-3 girls, he tends to attract the damaged ones. Like say, luna, or a hermione who is fairly friendless barring harry. Dont want a massive harem, so three tops.

7) Last rule, send me a message if you start writing this story. I want to read it. :p

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