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Eddy'keyblade-master'94 PM
Joined Jul '08

hello and welcome to fight club. the 1st rule of fight club is u do not talk bout fight club, the 2nd rule of fight club is U DO NOT TALK BOUT FIGHT CLUB...lol jk jk

ok...since u took the trouble of comin here i might as well tell u bout my self. most of the time im juss a laid-back kind hearted(not even kind hearted) type of guy. WARNING: NEVER piss me off. the only time im quiet around people is when i dont know(or dont plan on knowing) them. im preatty much a straight forword guy. im also the type of person u rarely c followin the crowd and i luv to bein different. im not really some who care for anime pair up they can b wit who ever there creater wants them to b wit so dont ask...one more thing i call every one a nigga no matter wat race they r

name: not tellin

screenname: u can read

age: thts for me to know

d.o.b: 3/9

d.o.d: hopefuly not soon

gender: male

zodiac: pisces

race: black nigga

hair color: (winter) black

(summer) golden brown

eye color: (calm) dark brown

(pissed off) black

music: all but country

hometown: not telling

favorite color: red, black, green, silver, gold

fav anime: kingdom hearts, sonic, naruto, bleach, death note, DBZ, DBGT, dragon ball, digimon, pokemon, shaman king

hobbies: drawin, makin stories, music, internet

myspace: E.T.C.B

gaia: dj-eddy


hated quote:

believe it (used way to much)

quote i relate to:

"no one would miss me" roxas

other fav quotes:

"got it memorized" axel

"anger and hate r supreme" xemnas

"im no one just a cast away from the dark" riku/dark form

"there's no such thing as light" xemnas

every light must fade every heart return to darkness" ansem

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