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"Otakus are actually one of the fiercest and most persevering people I know. They dedicate time just to watch the animes or read the mangas they love at the same time, knowing that it'll never be a reality. Still, they continue to support and love those because that's who they are and that's what they love to do."

Konnichiwa minna-san! :))

I'm totally back (from the grave, LMAO!) after 8 months! I've quite rejected/ ignored my fanfiction account because I became busy with a lot of stuff But I'm back for good especially after having watched RUROUNI KENSHIN LIVE ACTION MOVIE! Woot Woot! I'll try to be regular here once again and catch up on the fan fictions I've read.

[edited: December 11, 2012]

Marby aka Lady Himura is back! :)

I love reading mangas and manhwas although how to read them is very hard for me to figure out plus, it gets boring sometimes. Haha!

I am also addicted to putting all the stories I've read in my Favorite Stories list because I just can't let them go. I can read them whenever I want.

Fan fictions are real (they are for me because they've become my world). I believe they make yu release all the little creative things clawing at your mind to be let out. Stories make you use your imaginations and turn them into real things. And it'd be more of a pleasure if you get somebody to read it and receive constructive criticisms or praises for your story.

I'm a free-verse poet, just so you know ;) I'm more of the romance/angst/drama type of reader but I also appreciate other genres.

If you are from the Philippines, my fellow Kababayan, do send me a private message. I'd love to read your stories. Doesn't it just feel so great to read the works of your fellow countrymen? =)

I would also like to acknowledge my close friends/ acquaintances/ countrymen who are AWESOME FANFICTIONERS AND WRITERS:



The Emeraldess





aoi mizu no tenshi


That's about it. message me if you've got something to say, share or anything!

Also, please follow me on Twitter. (https://twitter.com/Dr_marbywrites)

I'm more active in my LiveJournal blog but I'll try to get back here on a regular basis ()

I guess that will be all... thank you for taking your time reading my profile.

Have a great day! Always, always SMILE.

"Life, itself is the most wonderful fairytale."

Hans Christian Andersen

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