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Wow, what to say here. I am a huge fan of FanFiction.net and of all the wonderful, talented people here. I'm a serious Stargate fangirl, I mean were some folks know Trek inside/outside/upside down I'm like that with Stargate. Great example I walked into my brothers house and he had night walkers on. Saw Teal'c sitting in the diner, a tight one shot, out of the corner of my eyes and said "Oh, 'Night Walkers' this were they are in Stevenstone looking for the cloned symbiotes. Jonus is about to start talking about traditional American food and Carter's going to say 'We have another tradition, it's called hardering of the arteries' while he's dipping fries into his chocolate shake." My brother just looked at my and said "Okay, that's freaky. I thought I was good with Star Trek, but this . . . well freaky."

Okay so I'm babbling, but I do that. I'm a bit tense. "Really? When did you first notice?" "As we met Carter!"

Which brings me to why I'm finally going to start dabbling with writing for FanFiction.net. One of my nicknames around my family is Carter, so much so that one night we were ahnging around and some of my brothers friends were over and someone looked at me and asked a question. Mark looked concerned and said, "You should be carefull asking her questions, she'll give you and answer but you might not undertand it. Like if you asked her why the sky was blue she'd start talking about how many parts per million there is of something and . . . oh I don't know, but we call her Carter."

Not thinking I made his argument for him by saying "Ozone, or O3 and it only allows higher wavelength energy in the EM spectrum to pass, typically in the 400 nanometer and below range . . ."

"Carter, my head!"

So anyway, not just because my first name is Samantha, but I can really identify with Carter. I'm working on a drop in that takes place right after Redemption Part II from season six. Mainly because as I watched it my sister-in-law said okay if the anceints built it, why would they have a weapon that destroys gates? Can't they just turn them off?

At which point I answered her and explained what the "weapon" really was designed for and how it was normally used. How in fact that it normally couldn't even do what Anubis used it to do. She was stunned and acused me for the umpteenth time of being an Ancient, and the story I'm working on was born.

Wow, what a lame profile.

The story will be better, and one day, I'll put together a profile that makes sense and I can be proud of!

"Carter you ended that sentence with a preposition! Btch!"

"Sir?" Chuckles to herself.

It should also be noted that I am autistic, so if I don't always make sense, feel free to ask or let me know. Thank you!

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