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I am Taske Neron, me and Kenkiro(crimsonDarkness) 0013 my best friend, are here to wright what is on our minds.

I am a normal every day anime geek =D I am obsessed with wolves and with my friend have made a complex world called The OutCasts.

Manga/anime I'v read/watched and am reading/watching

Naruto-Bleach- Claymore-Wolf's Rain-Death Note-Anima-Spirited Away-Princess Mononoke-Blood+-Legend of Zelda series created so far (9)-Kingdom Hearts/Chain of Memories/II -Inuyasha -Yu-Gi-Oh -Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles -Digimon-Eureka 7-Fullmetal Alchemist-Black Cat-Rouroni Kenkshin-Shaman King-Ghost in a Shell series-RomeoxJuliet-Trigun/T. Maximum-Buso Renkin-ULTIMO-DBZ: off the top of my head

Games I LOVE(in order from most to lest)

1.Harvest Moon series (Have played them all except the Wii one but will soon =p)


3.ToZ series (have played them all)

4. Fire emblem (played them all that came out in english except the wii)

5.Kingdom Hearts (played I II and CoM)

6.Wolf Quest (a free game that you can downlod and play but theres not too much to it yet)

Well that would be all of the top of my head and if it want on the top of my head I didnt like it enough to have it make it to the list.

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