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It's my Stormstriker symbol!

http:/// And DeviantArt Yeah Man!

http://www.youtube.com/user/TheStormstrikers I'm on Youtube! yays!!

Storm Hawks episode info that I like to say comments on even if you don't want me to

1.Hey does anyone know that in the episode Sirens song I think Nerdcorps messed up on the research? It says in mythology that only males were lulled by the sirens beautiy and song into either killing themselves, becoming a feast for the lucky siren or being controled by them to do their biding. But Piper is also tricked by the beast and almost dies like the guys. Then again I read somewhere that certain sirens had a liking for human flesh and they didn't care for which gender.And also they said it was a sky siren so there might be a difference.

2.Oh in Storm Warning was it just me or when Junko was being spun around at the begining didn't he look like his younger self from Tranquility Now as he was peering into the box wielding the knuckle busters? With the glasses and hair lookin wierd and all.

3. Um well you kinda see this in all the episodes but it came to my attention when I watched Best Friends Forever that at the end when Aerrow's leaning on the doorframe that he has a bracelet on his right wrist that's the same as the one on Pipers left wrist as seen when she turns to look at him on the stool. (Maybe friendship bracelets? Or is it more?! sorry I'm a AerrowxPiper fan)

4. OK this I found very interesting, when watching A Little Trouble as Tinky's being taken by the guards at the end of part 2 before the screen fades out it's a picture of Piper and Aerrow looking like distressed parents. lol (And also at the begining of part 2 after Piper says what must be done Aerrow gives what I think is a flirty smile to her as he says"sounds easy enough"

5. Here's another one from Storm Warning at first when Junko is reading the book I thought it was a horror story cause of the shadow like cover(in my reference at least) but with further inspection it turns out to be a romance! Junko has the book upside down and the cover really shows two people making out. To me the guy looks somewhat like Dark Ace shrugsI don't know.

6. One of my favorite scenes is in the code when Piper is doing her Sky Fu thing you'll see Aerrow checkin her out, my friend Tikey (that's her nickname(I think)) started goin all perverted on things not to be mentioned about Aerrow and Piper. XP

Hello People!!

We have a winner for the mini contest of finding out what animal Piper represents 'The wolf is a sacred

animal to many types of indians and are believed show wisdom, family, and leadership'

Congrats SakariWolfe

(heh N.D.N. say it fast and it sounds like indian; It was on painting in the Rockwell museum up in Corning,New York.)

For those reading the Beast Within I'm making another story about Piper's past once I've finish this. It's kinda

like a lead off from the current story. And I'm open for suggestions, request, comments, reviews, and anything else you want

tell me.

Oh and all you Storm Hawk fans out there from what I've read there's a new game that let's you create your

own character do cool things such a meeting other online characters race, trade items, and I'm not sure but maybe

even battle. But I just randomly found when searching the web sorry can't hook you up with it.

Stormstriker Status (My characters are original!)

Rain, short blue hair with dark gray tips, amber eyes, age 14, not sayin yet

IceFang, white and brown hair with black splotches, ice blue eyes, age 17, female

ThunderFoot, light and dark brown hair, hazel eyes, age 14, male

GrayStorm, white hair with black tips at end of length, emerald green eyes, age 14, female

LightningStrike, brown hair with gray streaks, brown eyes, age 15, male

RabbitEar, Wheat colored hair with darker flecks, electric blue eyes,age 16, male

StormChaser, Light gray and dark gray hair, silver eyes, age 13, female

SmolderClaw,gray hair, gray eyes, age 13, male

Other characters related to the Stormstrikers

Rowan, orange hair, green eyes, age 14, male

(Meg's character)

Shadow, light blue hair, slightly tan skin, dark green eyes, age 14, female

(Sarah's character)

Sedicia, red hair with yellow tips, goldish-red eyes, age 15, female

(John's character)

Sam, brown hair, hazel eyes, age 13, male

(Tikey's character)

Jade Tiger, (aka J.T.), blonde hair with purple streaks, blue eyes, age 14, female

(There's more but not enough room)

Storm Hawks Style Intro

"I'm Rain I am the leader and medical healer of the Stormstrikers and this is my team.

IceFang stealth specialist, ThunderFoot archer, GrayStorm engineer, LightningStrike strong man,

RabbitEar weapons master, StormChaser pilot and navigator, SmolderClaw my

right hand man and my Tenshora partner

(A two species animal that died and becomes a guardian angel type figure) Gale" Cat/Dragon


(Whats Up My Home Skillet Biscuet With Gravy And Jelly On Top)

Finally a place to reveal my work! I feel lonely. ):

Favorite Things

Fav Food: Anything with meat (My moms a vegan) except fish

Fav Games: Any of the Zelda games

Fav Color(s): Midnight blue and dark gray

Fav Books: Warriors series, Eragon, Eldest, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and many more

Fav Song: Little Sparrow (redone)

Fav Animals: Dragons, Wolves, and of course Cats. But I love every creature that used to and or still roams this earth

Animals rule!!

The symbol I represent:

A sword

Your symbol is a sword. You can be rather short-tempered and aggressive at times but you are loyal to your friends and stay true to whom you trust. At times, you may see violence as a solution to problems. You are not always the diplomat and can be very outspoken. You have built-in strength and a strong mind. More often, you play the role of the leader. You believe your ways to tackling life are correct and would not let anyone manipulate you.

and to my friends Sierra, Belle, Shabnom, Rhiannon, Tikey, Meg, John, Sarah, Haley, Alley, my Battle of the books team

Micala(sorry if spelled wrong), Ian, and Rhiannon and don't forget Taylor the other oboe player. Have a great year at school!

Anyone else that is my friend call me if you want your name posted here.

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