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I’ve been a writer here since 2008 and, while I have not been an active member all that time, I do love this website and am a frequent visitor. I’ve grown a lot as a writer thanks to FF and have kept my first story on here both for your enjoyment and so you can see how much I’ve improved. More recently I’ve been trying to get back into writing, and I hope you enjoy the results!

If you like my writing and are looking for more entertaining fics, please take a look at my favorites. I do not favorite stories lightly, and those that I have I consider to be of excellent quality both in their writing and their story. Some of these writers I've worked alongside for years, while others were my mentors when I first got started on here and helped me learn how to write. Many are no longer active members, but their work remains a testament to their skill and their love for their craft.

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