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Once upon a time, there was a continent by the name of Tellius. Divided among different races, this country was constantly facing strife and chaos of all kinds. Evil tyrants and goddesses alike abounded on this landmass. Once particularly memorable war was caused by the rise of a psychotic king named Ashnard. This fiend murdered his own family for power and would kill all in his way in order to rule the world. In an epic battle, one boy led an army and overthrew the insane ruler, temporarily restoring peace to the land. This boy didn't get nearly as much credit as he deserved, simply falling into the shadows. Only three years later, another war broke out. This time, the goddess threatened to wipe out all of mankind because the fighting refused to stop. The boy rose to the challenge once again and defeated the goddess, thus saving mankind. His name was Soren. And he rightfully took the Daein throne, becoming king. And then he took over the rest of the world, and he became the greatest ruler ever.

At least, that's how I tell the story.

As most of you can probably tell (but I'll restate it for those of you who are a little slow), I am a hardcore Soren fangirl (hence the pen name, again for the slow people). Fire Emblem has been my favorite game series since I gave Sacred Stones to my sister as a birthday present. Ever since, we've been hooked and we still haven't stopped playing Fire Emblem. The two of us practically hang on Soren's every word, and there has never been a sexier video game character. Ever. Yes, not even Matthew from Fire Emblem 7 as much as it kills me to say it (but he's a very close second). By the way, I DESPISE THE SOREN AND IKE PAIRING!! SOREN IS STRAIGHT AND I WILL NOT HAVE ANYONE RUIN MY DREAMS AND TELL ME OTHERWISE!! ... Just thought that needed to be said. (No offense to anyone who likes the pair. I understand, but I don't like my fantasies to be ruined) IkeXSoren friendship is fine, I just don't like the yaoi pair. So, if anyone has a good story about straight Soren, message me and there's a very good chance I will read and review.

Fire Emblem is amazing beyond words, but I've got other favorites too. I beat Trauma Center: Under The Knife 2 in less than 2 days, and I adored it. (I pretty much crapped myself when they threatened to use Angie as the host for breeding new GUILT. That was a priceless moment, especially when Derek spazzed out.) The game was even more amazing than I thought it would be. Those stupid extreme missions are giving me nightmares in my sleep though. Message me with advice if you have any.

House MD is my absolute favorite show on television (even though Family Guy is wonderful and everything). Dr. House is like Soren with a cane, and Wilson is like Ike with a moderate intelligence level. Seriously, what's not to like? The show is incredible even though I miss the old team (and Big Love. He was my favorite and House fired him!!). I will never stop watching this show because it is so awesome. So, House fans, I'm always here to chat!

I finally got around to starting a story (well, more like I finally got around to updating this part of my profile). I probably won't have that many stories up, because I tend to lose my focus if writing more than one at a time. I try to consistently update Confessions of A Soren Fan Girl, but I'm sure you all understand that things come up. With school coming around shudders my updates will probably be slower. Hopefully though, I won't be too swamped and I'll still be around.

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