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Hey everybody, if you have a second, go check out the new Starstruck Tumblr! We're planning to use it as a device to update you all on updates and non-updates (confused yet? :D) and to share fun Starstruck-related things. No endless reblogging, we swears! There are only a couple of posts so far, but click the link below and you'll see Liz's wonderful trailer and banner put to good use. We've also completed chapter art for all seven existing chapters, which we hope you'll enjoy, and are currently working on an FAQ section. Don't worry - Chapter Eight has not been shoved to the back burner! We just don't have the commitment for full-blown procrastination at this stage in the university semester. Soon, though... ;)

Before I forget, here's the Tumblr link: http:///

Thanks for sticking with us, guys!

*UPDATE APRIL 30, 2011*

Just a quick note to let you guys know that Starstruck has NOT been abandoned by any means. Lately, we seem to be getting a lot of reviews that say things like "YOU GUYS SUCK I HATE YOU JUST UPDATE THE STUPID STORY ALREADY OR YOU'LL LOSE ALL YOUR FANS!" or "How hard is it to write one measly chapter?! You expect us to believe that you have NO time at all to write?!"

You see, unfortunately, we do have lives outside of fanfiction - and extremely busy ones at that. The thing about our chapters is that we want them to be top quality, and that means actually having a decent chunk of time to devote to them rather than just sort of writing a bit here and there. Also, co-writing makes things more complicated because we have to coordinate our schedules, and that's hard sometimes.

But don't worry, summer's just around the corner! Chapter 6 IS in the works and an update shouldn't be too far off. :) In the mean time, if you have any questions about the story (or anything, really) feel free to drop by our formspring account: http:///SevenScribbles

Anyway, if you've stuck it out and are actually reading this then... thanks. :)

Hey, look! Liz (RainbowCrystal) made a banner for Starstruck!


Hey, look! Liz (RainbowCrystal) also made a TRAILER for Startstruck!

Looks like Sam (PrincessEarth) needs to get off her butt and start making awesome things, too.

EDIT: She did (finally). Starstruck now has a Tumblr, which we will both be using to keep you updated on the writing process and to share Starstruck-related paraphernalia. Right now we're working on an FAQ section in response to some questions we've been getting in reviews. We think you'll enjoy the layout. ;)


This is the joint account of RainbowCrystal and PrincessEarth, authors of Written in the Stars and The Marauders and the Rogues respectively.

Here are the links to our stories, should you feel inclined (coughOBLIGATEDcough) to read them.

by RainbowCrystal
Lily Evans is NOT happy when she finds out who the new Head Boy is. But why is he acting so… mature? Amidst crazy teachers, shooting stars and snowball fights, Lily discovers that sometimes what we want least in life is exactly what we need most.

by PrincessEarth
The infamous Marauders weren't alone in their love for pranking. In fact, they often had their butts kicked by a bunch of girls. Now, this is it. Seventh year. Four girls, four boys. Two opposing pranking teams. One hell of a battle to be won.

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