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I am a mum to four kids and I love reading stories (especially Transformers)

I like Transformers and have done since they first come out in the Eighties.

My favourite Decepticon is Starscream and Fave Autobot is...Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime. I also like Ravage.

I am working on Reunion at the moment and have two other stories in the wings.

I am really pleased with my stories so far :3

l=l l=l
\l H l/


l\ .M. /l

If you've been on the computer for hours on end, reading numerous fanfictions, copy this onto your profile, and add your name to this list: Danyan, Avatarwolf, Shifter-youkai, Vert9411, pinkcherryblossom225CherryBlossoms016, SakuraUchiha14,Anime Azn Cherry, .x.Anime-Lover.x., bloodroseinthetwilight, Anim34eva96, xSushiixCooki3zx, Goddess Of Power,TFSTARFIRE

i've had a bout of depression and find writing to be very theraputic.

I am putting A Wild Adventure on hiatus for a little while as i've got to continue with Reunion.
I have a prequel planned for Reunion which is set before the final battle. I can't think of a title for it yet.

14/12/08 Things are very hectic at the moment for me and I do not have a lot of time for updates so I am going to update when i can so please forgive me if updates are slow. TFSTARFIRE

3/2/09 I have put my stories on hold for a little while as i have injured my right hand and are unable to update as quick as i would like to but its difficult typing with one hand


18/2/09 Things should be getting back to normal as my hand is much better now. :3 i have posted chapter 10 of A wild Adventure and i am working on the next chapter of Reunion.

I have a title for my Reunion Prequel but i will announce it when i have finished with Reunion.

I have a new story that i am working on. It is a collaboration with a new Author who hasn't written a story before (it's my brother)who's name is TotalWindbag, but we had a really crazy plot bunny bite us the other day and feel that we have to share the story which is forming .

Coming Soon TV TRAUMA - Who says running a tv station was easy? XD

Reunion has now been completed and the name of the next story is 'Call Of Destiny'.


I have to put my stories on hold for a while as i have a lot family stuff going on at the moment.

I am going to finish A Wild Adventure then i need to put the rest of my stories on hold as i have a lot of hospital visits coming up . thanks for reading and reviewing my stories and i hope they inspire you to write some of your own . TFSTARFIRE.

I am not able to update any of my stories at the moment as my computer has completly crashed and i have lost my rough drafts of TV Trauma and the rest of A Wild Adventure. I'm Using my husbands computer at the moment so i'm not able to continue. I have to go back through my written notes (on Paper) to find what i have done on these two stories so i'm really sorry for not being able to finish A Wild Adventure.

Keep on reading and write whatever comes to mind - It helps you through many difficult times ;)


I am now up and running with my new computer so i'll try and update A Wild Adventure.


I have been busy with hospital visits (pain clinics) and i now have a diagnosis at last ,after 7 years. i have some nerves trapped in the muscles around my tummy. I am working on finishing a wild adventure and should finish it soon.


I have just spent a week away with the Family and am glad to be back.


update time - had an intresting 12 months, Still sufferng from severe pain, oldest child has left secondary school, middle child leaving primary school to go to secondary school and youngest has 3 years left in primary school. my partner has been living with Diabetes for 18 months. I am still writing, nearly finished Call Of Destiny.

I'm going away again with the family like last year, so no internet again :(
I will update when I get. Just a warning Call of Destiny will take on a M rating for one chapter.
Till All Are One.


I am sorry about not updating for a while as my health has been taking an interesting turn over the last 12 months. from new year onwards i was getting constant water infections then in February i kept passing out with chronic pain attacks. end of february, went to hospital ,was sent home with Painkillers and so on. A week later i get a phone call from my local hospital asking me to go back to AE as the doctor thinks there is a problem with my kidneys. After a CT scan it turned out I had a 2.3CM kidney stone in my Left kidney which meant i had to have surgery to remove it. In May, the stone was removed and after a recovery period of 6 weeks, I am fit and healthy again so i am Volunteering in a local charity shop and looking for work. I am going to try and update Call of Destiny but it as been very difficult. that's my news.


Happy new year to all.

my stories have been on hold as i have been really busy with family and work but i will try and finish Call Of Destiny before March. i lost the focus to write as i was looking for work . we also have a new family member called Molly (A 3 month old puppy) who keeps me busy. I am still well so i have had a great Christmas and are looking towards a great 2012.

I still read stories and i am still here.

All the best,TFSTARFIRE


I have had a rough couple of years up to last October. I had multiple hospital admissions and in October/November 2013, I became really ill with Gallstones add to that I lost a baby at the same time. Ended up having a medical miscarriage beginning of November then 3 weeks later an emergency operation to remove gallbladder. Should have been better by Christmas but started getting severe pain again which meant more investigations, by October 2014 I finally had an answer as to what had been wrong with me for 13 years. I have Fibromyalgia which is a Chronic illness. Since then with the support from the Pain Management Team at our local hospital, I have been able to deal with it and people know that I cannot do as much as a healthy person. This year has been really busy for me with work. I went away for a week with my mum in May on a Mediterranean Cruise. Best holiday ever.climbed Mount Vesuvius in Italy. I also embarked on a new journey this year as well. When I was away on holiday, I didn't know that I was expecting again. I am expecting another baby in February and all is well.

I have a story in the planning stages about Arcee and Rodimus getting together which is a prequel to Reunion. I'm going to try and update as soon as possible. TFSTARFIRE.


Ok am happy to announce that after a difficult pregnancy, our little girl Jessica Pearl Grace Hewitt arrived on 11/1/16. She was 3 weeks early but as I had pregnancy induced diabetes, it was good that I reached 37 weeks as she weighed 9lb 1oz. I enjoy the stories that I read, I am still here but with a new baby, I may not be reading as much.


I'm still here reading stories and I have a couple of plot bunnies begging to be written. Next year, I will be writing again. I've been busy with my little girl and also attending a pain management programme to learn how to manage my Fibromyalgia pain better because the pain clinic couldn't give me anymore medication due to the fact I've had so many types of pain medication that they don't work. Here's to 2017 and the new Transformers movie that's coming out.


Where has the last 3 years gone? I have been really busy with family, my little girl is four in six days and I'm still going back and forth to hospital with poor health. One thing that has helped me through the difficult times has been the fact that my stories are still being read and favourited ,which makes me smile. I have a tough couple of months ahead of me as I have problems with my writing hand and have to have tests done. Here's to 2020 Happy New Year .


a lot has happened in the last 4 months, just would like to put on here that we're all well on week 3 of Partial lockdown in the UK from the Coronavirus, just staying home and reading stories. my family are ok,. will be happy to get back to normal. STAY HOME and STAY SAFE.


I have been busy with my family and haven't had a lot of time to read/write this year, my Husband thought he had a hernia back in March and after scans , in May we found out it wasn't a hernia but something worse, a liposarcoma, a tumor ,a rare form of cancer which forms in fat cells. Because it was so big, we believe it had been growing for a long time. Only way to sort it is surgery. In June my youngest daughter was diagnosed with autism, which was no surprise to us as she'd been showing signs of having it since she was about 2. She's doing well at school and has a lot of help in place. In September my health started taking a downturn and after tests, I know I'm diabetic (type 2). My husband had surgery to remove Tumor on Tuesday and is recovering ok. Hopefully he'll be able to come home in a week or two.

Reading has been the only thing to help me through this rubbish year, I'm hoping next year will be better.

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