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Ok, here it goes...I thought about what to put in my profile for a long time. And since I'm still not sure, I'll just go for it.

I live in Austria/Europe - so any grammatical errors or mistaken vocabulary are completely and absolutely my fault and I apologize in advance and retrospect for every mistake I made and probably will make in the future.

I'm somewhat obsessed with the show Supernatural - don't know why, don't really care to know, as long as it lasts - and it's lasting for quite a while now - because the show is freaking great ;-). This is by far the most obsessed I ever was with a tv-show. My special attention goes out to Dean/Jensen, and I'm actually a little emberassed about it, being not all that young anymore, but still...it get's me going, so whatever ;-)

I espeically like to write and read hurt/Dean stories, and I know it makes me a bit of a freak, but since there are exceptionally many people here who appear to be just like me, I can now live with it a lot easier!

I love getting reviews, I NEED them to boost my confidence. It took a lot of courage for me to start posting. So, if you read one of my stories and you somewhat like it, I'd very much appreciate a quick click on that review button to let me know. It takes no more than a couple of seconds but to me it means the world!

Last year I was fortunate enough to be able to meet both Jensen, Jared, Jim and Misha (and some other great cast members) at jibcon3 in Rome. Let's just say, it was great.

I don't remember much of Jensen's meet & greet, unfortunately, since I did manage to ask a question and Jensen then proceeded to answer the question at lenght - all the while keeping eye-contact.

I didn't faint, but my brain kinda short-circuited, I think... XD

So, 'nuff said - I hope you enjoy my stories!

Take care

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