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My name is none of ur concern ;p u will all know me as "Narutos Vixen" (hinata A.K.A narutos girl)

My favorite anime naruto. other animes that I like are bleach,inuyasha,fullmetalalchemist,dnangel,inukami,etc..

My favorite pairings(in order from least to great:

Naruto-Hinata: I think that hinata and naruto deserve each other. hinata and naruto share similar problems and have both helped each other out. Hinata has been in love with him since the academy. she loved him for who he was.

i dont care who sakura ends up with as long as its not naruto.

people who believe in narusaku r on the greatest drugs ever. i mean really if you were a guy who showed unconditional love and only got a punch in the ace for it how would you feel.

stories that should be read and reviewed

ANBU by god amongst mere mortals

edel raid and pleasure by soundless steps

final straw by kuroi-yasha

crimson purity by syn'ri

the demons of konoha by jenniebennie

cheat by JSai

and much more u wannaa see good fiction for naruhina check out my faves Ja ne

I just had to do this i finally found the fic i was looking for its called

worth waiting for by ladytrista

one of the best well written fics imean the way she portrays the characters are awesome!

hope she updates soon... -.O

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