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I'm a LOTR-obsessed high school student from Melbourne, Australia. And, yes, my name really is Jaimie-Erin. People say it's weird, but I like it. I think my parents were drunk when they named me, but still.

I love LOTR, LOTR fanfiction, POTC and writing in general. I am going to write for every Teitho contest theme if I can, if I don't have other commitments or anything.

I love reviews and will respond to every single reviewer except for flamers. I don't believe in flaming.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I love writing them.



Random thing of the day: This time it's a special. A random RANT. I FREAKING HATE THE CANON POLICE! GEEZ! Okay, people, technically ALL fanfiction is AU, I DON'T think we need people who just refuse to read it because it's not the exact thing the original says. I've got some advice for the canon police: GTFO FFN AND GO BUY THE BOOK! There are so many AMAZING AU stories that either get flamed or don't get the recognition they deserve because some losers can't handle a world of diversity. Hello? We're all different, people, the canon police are no better than anyone else. They are just a bunch of low lives who don't get the enjoyment they could out of writing because they are so worried they'll get slammed for not copying out the book/script word for word and sticking it on a website. Okay, Jaimie. Breathe. Rant over.

UPDATE ON ME AND MY FICS: Okay, I know they're very late. I've been sick again and I'm in the process of getting next chapter of Liars betad. Family Portrait already has another chapter written too, but I don't want to have that one take over my first one, and I feel bad sending two off to be betad at the same time. So, sorry, and updates are on the way.

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