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Name (nickname): Crystal/Boa

Current Age: about to be 16 in MARCH!

Hobbies: play basketball, reading fanfic, drawing anime, hanging out with friends, SHOPPING

Luv's: cute anime, pure anime etc etc etc

Fav. sport: volleyball

Fav. music: punk rock, rap, little bit of ballad

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(Naruto)Fav. couples!!

1. Sasu+saku (the rosette and the stoic onyx! the colors match so well~ i love them!! i consider them the best couple ;) sakura's happy style and sasuke's indifferent style~ dont they match? well, that's my opinion :))

2. Naru+hina (Naruto~yes he's the main character yet I don't consider him the main character for a romance related topic yet!! he might be suitable for a first secondary character :D his dumb acts and hinata's innocent acts is sooo cute ;))

3. Neji+ten (neji hahahaha!! his long hairstyle gives him the name "the she-male" hahahaha it's hilarious!! anyways, his noble figure and the wise way he talks makes me feel so "wiggly" if ya get what i mean ;) and tenten~ her tomboyish acts gives an idea of nejiten: opposites attract ;))

4. Shika+ino/Shika+tem (hmmm I'm quite confused about who should Shikamaru would go with oh well~ both of them suit i think? haha)

(Naruto)Characters i hate!!

1. Karin

2. Ami

3. Ayane

4. Tayuya

5. Sai (he's an ok character just that in some fanfics he has a role of playing the "bad guy" that splits couples up :( )

the characters i hate are all fangirls and i dont have anything against to fangirls unless they try to separate a cute couple by force and how they go all ogling to hot guys is pathetic :/)

The first anime i ever loved is the naruto series

(Pita Ten)Fav Couples!!

1. Misha+Kotarou (Misha-chan is soooo happy-go-lucky style and it's sooo cute and all her mistakes seems to be over-exaggerating yet so funny and somehow very cute!! the way Misha-chan tries to make Kotarou-kun happy is sooo cute but i feel kinda sorry for Kotarou-kun since he suffers because of Misha-chan :Dhaha)

2. Takashi+Shia (Tenchan can't express his feelings towards Shia-san because he's shy awww and it's sooo cute how Shia-san is clueless about his feelings yet i feel kinda sorry for Ten-chan :/)

3. Koboushi+Kotarou (it's ok..i think? but i prefer more Misha-chan and Kotarou-kun XD)

4. Takashi+Kaoru (kaoru's actions are so exaggerating yet so cute but i feel sorry for her since Ten-chan's heart belongs to Shia :()

5. Dai... i feel sorry for Dai-chan but dude, you have no faith for Misha-chan :( she belongs to Kotarou-kun~ yet Dai is very cute the way he exaggerates stuff to please Misha-chan XD

If u want 2 c this anime then go to www.youtube.com and put 'Pita Ten' then you can see all their episodes!! I'm sure u wud absolutely love their innocent actions :) but if u r a lemon fan and love hentai style anime.. or love the perviness then i dissuade u 2 c this because this anime might be too innocent for ur taste :/


PS. people, this is the first time i am using fanfiction.net i don't really know what the readers would want to read but i still hope for the best. please if i ever give an offense to the readers just warn me but i wish for ur love towards my stories. thank uuuuuuu


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