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Name- I've got many. Take your pick.

Gender- Male

Element- Fire, obviously.

Zodiac Animal- {File Not Found}

Age- Old enough to know the opportunities I've wasted, but young enough not to care.

Favorite Food- Don't have a definite one, but I've always been partial to the taste of a ripe Banora White.

Things I like- I like lots of things, but here are some main ones.

1. Finishing things (which is so rare, anymore, but still).

2. Making people laugh (intentionally).

3. Pizza. ...What?

4. Responding to reviews!

Things I dislike/hate- There's not a whole lot of things in this world that I hate, but I'll list a few, to be thorough.

1. Writer's block. My mortal enemy...

2. Finding out that the awesome idea you just had...has been done already. Usually better.

3. Inaction. I can't stand doing nothing.

4. The feeling I get when things are left unfinished. Which happens a lot...

5. Coffee. That is all.

Quirks- I've picked up several over the years, but my most persistent one is writing chapters out of order. Odd, huh?

Hobbies (besides writing, obviously)- I've got lots of hobbies.

Interesting Phrase of the Day(s)- "Fiction with invincible heroes is too boring, fiction with invincible villains is too depressing, and fiction with both invincible heroes and invincible villains is too stupid." - me

Story Types- I'm mostly into action, but a little romance every now and then isn't too bad. I'll probably write stuff dealing with anime or anything originating in Japan, but that's not the only stuff I'm interested in; whatever I'm inspired to write, I guess.

Current Stories- Since I'm not very good at writing, I'll do my best to update what I can accomplish. I have no doubt in my mind that there will be long dry spells, but I'll try to keep at it as much as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I always do my utmost to respond to people with questions in their reviews, or those that send me messages. But please note that if you're reviewing as a guest, or have private messaging disabled, I cannot respond to your questions. It sucks, because I like talking with all of you! About the best I can do is reply through a new chapter, which helps...IF that person is interested in the latest chapter of the current story. I want to get better at writing, which means discussion about all criticisms, negative and positive alike. Don't worry, you can review however you want, just know that I can't really answer questions without a way to answer questions.

Dimensional Devil Saga

General Disclaimer: This series began in 2008, not long after I first experienced Devil May Cry 4. Because I'd only ever played the games and read the manga, those were my main sources of information about the series (though I have since watched, and enjoyed, the anime). This story was written as a "what-if" continuation of DMC4's story, based off of my own theories and interpretations, plus a desire to tie up some of the hanging plot threads that I was worried might never be explored (doubly so once I heard about the reboot). So I started writing, trying to think of resolutions and explore ideas as I did. However, Devil May Cry 5 (the real one) came out in 2019, which tied up a lot of the plot threads in their own way. And, despite some of the issues I had with the game, mainly a few minor plot holes, it was a lot of fun.

Knowing this, I must warn you that these stories do not conform to DMC5. They will, at several points, actively contradict events depicted in that game, because I came up with the framework of the overall "saga" back in 2008 and finalized it by the end of Resident DEvil, which I finished back in 2015. The only exception to this was an extra story in the series, because of a wonderful idea by Remuslupinlover50 that was so good I knew I couldn't let it slip by. However, the ending remains largely the same as when I wrote it in 2015; it's just that getting there will take a bit longer. (Doubly so now, given how much my work has ramped up as a result of the you-know-what plague) Going back and rewriting everything would mean scrapping the current framework completely and starting over again, and I'd like to finish this series sometime this century.

So this story is not canon-compliant. Sorry, was never intended to be (spoilers). I apologize if I gave a different impression, but this was only ever written as a fun "what-if", not as the intended continuation of the series. DMC5, even with its hiccups, is the canon continuation of the series (unless the series itself somehow says otherwise). That said, if Capcom wants some of my ideas, they're more than welcome to them! I saw that they gave Lady a shotgun after I did, I know what's going on...;-p

Anyway. I say all of the above not to chastise any readers, because you've done nothing wrong, but because I didn't really realize until now that my thought process might not line up with your expectations. I do hope knowing this doesn't put you off my stories, because I always feel sad to lose readers. But if you'd like to stay around and indulge in a little "what-if", maybe you can find something to enjoy. If any of this inspires you, that's more than enough for me; even a simple "I'm not gonna slip up where you did" is still worthwhile!

Hopefully that clears things up a bit! Whatever you think of the series, let me know! Whether you think it's good, bad, or in-between, any feedback is greatly appreciated. Stay safe out there!

Bleach May Cry: Dante and some of his fellow Devil Hunters fall into another universe...the universe of Bleach. Status: COMPLETE


Comments: This particular chapter is finished...but the "saga" continues. What does the future hold for Dante and co.? The answers will be revealed...

Right now.

Resident DEvil: The adventures continue for the Devil Hunters. What awaits them in this new world? Well...darker lighting, for one. Status: COMPLETE...Finally


Note: Anonymous review makes me just a little sad. Not that I dislike the reviews themselves; far from it. It's just that I can't respond to them to thank the reviewers for being so kind...

Comments: The second chapter is over. Now what will the third have in store for our heroes? ...No, not unlimited pie, sadly...

Resident DEvil 2: Same world, new friends; but what surprises are in store for the Devil Hunters this time? Status: COMPLETE


Comments: Thanks to everyone for your awesome reviews!! Managed to get this one finished up before the RE2 remake came out, so that's at least one win for me :-)

Devils of the Order: A new world, and very different from the previous; can the Devil Hunters cope with an underground magical society? You thought the Quidditch World Cup drew attention... Status: In-Progress

(this place)

Comments: The fourth chapter is finally underway! I wonder how long this one will go...?

Gone, But Not Forgotten: A collection of short stories, told from the perspective of those whose lives were changed by the traveling heroes.

Comments: Wanted to do this for a while, and so here it is! It won't have the usual updates that the main stories do, but it should be semi-regular, depending on inspiration.

Devil Arms in Stories


The spear and shield of Ascalon the Dragonslayer, imbued with her power and spirit. This weapon focuses on defense and exploiting holes in an enemy’s guard, attacking slowly but deftly with searing light.


- Paladin Strike: Use the spear and shield together to halt foes in their tracks. Normal attack combo. Default

- Shooting Star: Convert the shield into wings to glide while in the air. Default

- Holy Roller: A sweeping spin that knocks enemies off their feet. Purchased

- Galahad’s Guillotine: Strike forward with the shield like scissors, beheading your foes.

- KnightTime: After deflecting an attack with the shield, retaliate with a flurry of stabs that dice the offender with impunity. Purchased

- Angel Flight: Become airborne while in Devil Trigger and deal death from above. Purchased

- Daystar (usable during Angel Flight): Hurl Ascalon downward to smite your foes with overwhelming power. Will radiate power for a few moments after impact, and return to Nero after a few seconds. Unlocked

- Pierce (usable during Angel Flight): Charge forward in a burst of energy. Does little damage, but moves a great distance.


Twin scythes that thirst for blood, charged with the power of the bloodthirsty seas. This weapon focuses on attacking, ripping enemies to shreds with fierce glee.


- Bloody Blitz: Slice apart your foes with the power of the dual scythes. Normal attack combo. Default

- Graceful Shift: Sidestep an enemy’s attack in a scarlet blur. Precise timing will leave an enemy open to a Buster attack. Charges Blood meter. Default

- Slender Slice: A mid-air spinning combo that cuts your enemies to ribbons. Charges Blood Meter. Purchased

- Umbrella Whirlpool: Spin the twin scythes overhead to summon a torrent of scarlet pain around you, damaging foes and hurling smaller enemies away. Depletes the Blood meter.

- Red-King Roar: Tear into an enemy with accumulated bloodlust. Depletes the Blood meter. Purchased

- Ghost Slash: A forward cross-slash that slices apart distant enemies in the blink of an eye.

- Arrow: While in Devil Trigger, fire unforgiving needles that turn foes into pincushions. Drains DT Gauge when used.


A weapon that resembles a cat o’ nine tails, flowing with the crushing power of the ocean depths.


- Man O’War: Strike without hesitation and stun your foes with a flurry of sharp attacks. Normal attack combo. Default

- Typhoon/Maelstrom: Unleash powerful waves around you to catch enemies in an inescapable whirling torrent of pain. Rapidly attack to form a whirlpool that tears enemies apart. Purchased

- Scourge: A mid-air combo that lashes into enemies over and over, and finishes by knocking them to the ground. Default

- Nova Shine: Cloak your jumps with a brilliant flash of light. Does no damage, but if timed right will interrupt any attack. Purchased

- Surge: Form a high-pressure shield of water around your body that deflects all attacks. Drains DT Gauge rapidly while in use.

- Retinue: Devil Trigger only attack. Sic a number of Fornei on your enemies; the higher the Style gauge, the more rays will be summoned. Purchased

Swordmaster Style:

Lv. 1- Roller: Send forth a tidal wave to knock your enemies backwards.

Lv. 2- Grinder: Drill forward through your enemies while surrounded by dancing waves.

Lv. 3- Abyssal Rain: Call down an ocean of torment on all who dare to challenge you. A slow but devastating move.

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