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So before I start rambling about everything and anything, here are my stories and their current status(es?):

Fox Hearted: Wip

Next Stop: Everywhen and Everywhere: Wip

Lost and Forgotten: Wip/discontinued

On the Wings of Freedom: Finished! Finally

Shadow of Fire: Finished

SpitFire: Finished

Fire and Ink: Finished

Guardian Jumper: Finished

Revolutionary Vampire: Finished

Story Pics:

Fox Hearted:

Luce: http:///bhdml3.jpg

Revolutionary Vampire:

Skye's Car: http:///forums/attachments/2005-talk/31573d1187041440-stripes-satin-silver-mustang-stripes-201a.jpg

Story Info:

Next Stop: Everywhen and Everywhere

The Doctor was wrong when he believed that he was the last of the Time Lords, and now one has crashed into the Torchwood team. Now the chaos must insue as she is hunted by bounty hunters of another world, add to it Gwen, Rhys, Jack, Owen and Ianto, and it's sure to be a fun ride. Add in a psychotic TARDIS trying to fix itself and argue with its Time Lord at the same time and its bound to get better. Not sure if I will add a sequel. I might, depends on how it ends.

Fox Hearted

Reika Scott is a very strange Vampyre (you all have no idea how much my computer hates that word :D) fledgling. For one, she can shape shift, two, she has slight culture issues. Mix that in with Zoey and the Nerd Herd's issues, it's bound to be an interesting time. So, one of my newest projects. I expect to work on it more eventually, I'm plan on finishing it too! Eventually, I want to do all the books but that might take me awhile so I'll do them one at a time :D. Series name: Kitsune Project

Lost and Forgotten

Tory, the oddball daughter of everyone's beloved Logan/Wolverine/Weapon X/James Howlett and niece to Sabertooth/Victor Creed. After getting shipped off to Xaiver's school for gifted youngsters (can't believe I remembered that name :P), she befriends Elwood, a young Saxophone player. Long story short, its on a very long hiatus because I don't know how to continue this story at all. I plan on finishing it eventually, maybe...anyway, yea. Doesn't have a series name, don't plan on adding a sequel.

On the Wings of Freedom

Avery somehow manages to get herself tangled into the life of Griffin O'Conner after having to save her once-was-ex-bestfriend Casey from Paladins. After training long hours with Griffin and some awesome British guy, they manage to find unexpected friendships and new beginnings. Finally finished it. It didn't end how I expected. This is why I shouldn't stop writing crap in the middle and pick it up again awhile later. No series name, no expected sequel.

Fire and Ink

Thought I'd start with the chronological order of this series. Best summary would be the one that appears below: Reiley Folchart. A 17 year old who remembers the night her mother and three lamps disappered. Follow her through the story of Inkheart. Why is it that quite a few of my character's names start with the letter "R"? I don't know. I have one "R" in my whole name. I mean really! Anyway, first book of the Inkfire series


Once again, best summary is the one below: Reiley is back dressed like a ninja! and is ready for a new adventure. She, Meggie, and Farid are in Inkheart. WARNING: SPOILERS 4 INKSPELL AND INKHEART. Second installment of the Inkfire series. Thought I'd mention how I have no clue why or how I continued this series...I mean seriously, I suck at writing...I don't know why you all read my crap...

Shadow of Fire

Third Installment of the Inkfire series. Reiley is back. A little more cynical but who can blame her. This is the third and final installment of my Inkheart Series. You know, I honestly don't remember how I ended the second book. I think I have a vauge idea but I honestly don't know for sure and I have this thing about not going back and re-reading my stories...I start editing them in my mind and wondering 'why the hell did I write this' which is never a good idea.

Guardian Jumper

My first published story here. Started my slight obsession with slightly happy endings...Dont ask me why. Alex's life is thrown right back into the hell that she escaped from by Griffin O'Conner. Sadly David Rice is also there, ruining nearly everything. Explosions ensue and people die. Fun times right? I sure thought so as I was writing it! No series name, no sequels...ever...

Revolutionary Vampire

My poor excuse for a twilight story. I don't even care about how crappy this story is now. Which is amazing...it started out as an awesome idea but never had enough ambition. Summary isn't even worth posting. If you want one, go look down there V. Yep, no series name, had one at one point, but like I said, ambition was lacking so away went the name, no sequels ever planned.

Name: Feather (close enough)

Age: A number...

Gender: Female...

Location: Ehh...well, that depends, define "location"

Favorite books: Eyes Like Stars, Post Captain, Master and Commander, Sundays at Tiffany's, Wicked Lovely, Ink Exchange, Fragile Eternity, DaVinci Code, Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, Dracula, Second Glance, And Another Thing..., Arch Enemy, Seeing Redd, The Looking Glass Wars, Beautiful Creatures, 13 Reasons Why, Harry Potter, Here there be Dragons, Uglys, Pretties, Specials, Green rider, First Rider's Call, Dragon Champion, Dragon Avenger, Dragon Outcast, Fell, Sight, Immortals Series, Protector of the Small series, Inheritance Series, Song of the Lioness Series, Serlock Holmes, Angels and Demons, The Lost Symbol, Inkheart, Inkspell, Inkdeath, Jurassic Park, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and this is all i can see from my vantage point in my room and im too lazy to get up and look and then there are the ones i dont own...

Music: Depends on my mood and on the day.

Pasttimes: Practicing my Saxomaphone and Clarinute, Reading, Writing, Drawing, Texting, Facebook, TV, Dreaming...

TV Shows: Torchwood, Doctor Who (David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston will ALWAYS be my doctors.), LOST, is there anything else?


"You think i suffer from insanity...haha...your funny...i just enjoy every minute of it."


"A hot guy spit on my arm!!"

"Birdie Nooses? Oh yea, we have them over here in the discout section."

"Oh like the one time I shot a tack from a trebuchet onto the teachers chair...yea, I mean I guess you could consider it a 'weapon'."

"WTF mate." -Jacqui

"How did you get into the group?"- Nick to Me

"Since when is this a group?"- Katelyn to Nick

"Since it's a random gathering of the same people in the school library nearly everyday before school comprised of mostly people of the arts. We are the Posse of Insanity!"- Nick to Katelyn

"Left, Left, left, LeFt, LEFT, YOUR OTHER LEFT!" -Mr. Prichett, our wonderful band director

"I find it incredibly funny how our band directors say something, but never finish the thought. It's usually the ones you actually want to hear too."

"Guide Right! Guide Right! GUIDE RIGHT!"

"Steven! Guide freaking right!"

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