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My name is Michelle. I absolutely love fan fic...I feel like an addict. I read all the time. Even at work you can find me on my lunch reading fan fic...I had to get an iPad for when I'm out and about and have to read my stories. OMG...I am soooooo hooked I feel like a junky. I read mostly Glee. I do love Supernatural and the White Collar but my absolute addiction is Glee. I love Jared Padalecki he is just an amazing person, bless his soul, and Matt Bomer, omg what can you say he is smokin, but I just have this soft spot for Darren Criss. I have no interest in writing my own, there are so many talented authors out there and I am following a number of stories. Thank you to all the talented people who post here...OMG...Id be lost because reading is my time to myself and my sanity. I work with special needs children in a self contained yea I need an escape.

Adding to this I decided to add something of my own. I wrote a little on the show The Sentinel. I hope you guys will like it.

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