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Hello all!

If you're reading this now, I appreciate you taking the time to see what I'm all about. I don't really know what to put here, but since this is my profile, I'll give you all a bit of insight into my inspiration for my writing.

I'm quite a fan of the actor Jason Isaacs, and I love writing about his characters. Tavington is #1 on my favorite Jason characters list, but Lucius Malfoy and Michael Caffee (There's no category for "Brotherhood" here - how sad!) are catching up quickly. If you've never seen "Brotherhood," check it out. It's a fantastically put together drama with universally good acting.

Star Wars is also a love of mine (I've been to 3 Celebrations so far, looking to add to that soon!), so a few Star Wars fanfics can also be expected in the future if I can muster up the confidence to delve into such a complicated universe . . .

For those who have read "Embracing the Darkness" (or even those who haven't), I am currently working on a Graverobber/Mag fic, but it's reached a point of writer's block at the moment.

As for my policies for reviewing, I have a few things to say:

Something that I absolutely hate is the concept of flaming. It is not constructive at all and its only outcome is stress or hurt for the writer being flamed. Those who "flame" on a regular basis need to consider that the mistakes they point out are not obvious to the author, for if they (the mistakes) were obvious, they would not be there. You can politely state criticisms without taking out your anger on someone who doesn't deserve it.

It seems everyone uses disclaimers! I can understand wanting to avoid copyright infringement, but this is FANfiction.net. You don't need disclaimers on a site clearly marked as fan-created work.

I usually try to review all the stories I read, and I am always critical, without being mean. Reviews that say something to the effect of "Great story! Update soon!" are fine, but an author always appreciates suggestions and criticisms. We all want to improve, right? I like to give both pros and cons of the story in my review. Writing stories can be a long and grueling process and the people who work hard and produce something nice deserve to be recognized for doing so while also understanding what needs to be fixed.

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