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GENERAL WARNING 2018 February until further notice:

I have decided that I want to be as in character as possible for my story 'Save Me...from me' so I have taken it upon myself to reread ALL of the HP books again because I noticed that all the (lovely) fanfic I've been reading is muddling my memory of what the characters are like in the original books. Right now I'm reading Goblet of Fire – as a result, my updates are going to be a wee bit slower than they were in 2017 December. Apologies for that and I will try to update at least biweekly but it's all in the interest of better quality stories! :)

I'm primarily a writer of HP fanfiction, more specifically I have a lasting fetish for Hermione/Minerva. When the fancy strikes me I do occasionally read other ships, mostly Hermione/Narcissa and I have an odd fascination with Hermione/Severus.

Other Fanfic I read:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy/Faith Buffy/Tara Faith/Tara Buffy/Faith/Tara

Xena: Warrior Princess

Xena/Gabrielle Xena/Varia

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles


X-men: Evolution

I'll give just any Femslash a go but my faviourites are those that either have Jean, Rogue or Mystique in it paired with either one another or someone else.

Fanfiction holds a rather unique place in my life as it contributed to the development of my English skills to such an extent that there are hardly words for it. (I was 14 when I discovered the wonderful world of Xena fanfiction and soon enough I found myself reading basically nonstop.) And yes, that does mean that English is not my native language, but it's a language I've been speaking for about 22 years now.

Writing fanfiction is a way to develop my writing skills in the hopes to publish original fiction one day (yes, I know, same as a LOT of people on this site.. :) ) so any and all constructive criticism is much appreciated.

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