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Joined Aug '08

Name: Bruce Banner

Gender: Male

Occupation: Doctor

Mood: Chaotic.

Welcome to my page, feel free to browse through anything that I bothered to put here. There honestly might not be much at all... I'm not the most educated on how to use the internet.

Feel free to message me privately- I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. I tend to forget that I have internet access now (we'll thank Tony for that one later). If you get fed up with waiting, you can visit my facebook page. I don't manage to keep that too up to date either, but my phone receives updates from it almost instantly so I should be able to answer you more quickly that way.

I'll put my facebook page here at a later date. My apologies for the inconvinience. If you really want it, message me.

If I still don't answer you, I'm probably working on some research. I've recently become rather obsessed with a new topic. It's kind of difficult to work with, as it is a relatively new science, but it's quite interesting.

If you're feeling social and want the world to see you ask me questions, then feel free to leave a review on the story below.

-B. Banner

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