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Rape is not sexy.

It may add drama to some stories (not all, don't chuck it in to add drama to your flat characters, because then they become cliched, and dumber when you can't write a decent response to it), it is dark, and sad, and a very realistic concept, which is often what people go for in writing, and that's fine, it can be a good plot device (when not employed by an idiot who doesn't know what a semicolon is for), but it is not sexy. So, if I find another one of those stupid stories where an uke says no, and the seme doesn't give a shit, and it's just forgotten afterward, or another drabble about a rape where the person 'lusted/secretly wanted' it (gag), or another torture fic with no point, or another Gorram story in which a little Mary-sue has her virginity stolen in some tragic past, and just seems to get gosh darn forgotten in her glorious endeavors, except when she has a sobby unrealistic nightmare, I will bash you to the best of my ability in a review, and tell every being I know who still uses this grammatically improper cesspool of fan fiction not to read anything by you. There's free speech and all that jazz, and there's the fact that everyone has their own opinion on fictitious works, but rape is not sexy.

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