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Name: Call me Soup! My previous pen names were Blueglaceon and Glaceon of the Blue Variety. (Creds to InspireFire for coming up with the new name.)

Location: I live on the east coast of the US.

Gender: Female

Age: I'd rather you not judge me by my age. But as a hint, I created this account before I was actually legally allowed to have one. Shhhh.

What's going in with my stories?

"What The Hell Happened Last Night?"

Apparently, no one wants to be given credit for in this fic. Not even the person I wrote it for, or the creator of this fine piece of fanart. :O

It was 1 AM. Have mercy.

"Bon Appétit"

Uh...I blame Wha-Chow! :) They were reading Love In a Forest or something like that, and...yeah. XD

Sadly, I just don't have the inspiration or time to continue Timeless Love or Together Until the End of Time. :( You'll have to wait quite a while for this one.

"What If?"

I'm calling it What If? for now because I can't think of a frickin' decent name. So, the summary has been up on my poll since 2009. o.e 8 people wanted me to write the story, and I was going through every YGO episode there was this past week. I've been inspired to write Téa/Seto again, but at the same time, it kills me that she won't end up with Yugi. God, I hate love polygons.

But once again, two things must be present for an author to pour out her words onto paper. Inspiration, and time. (And a desk and chips and a pencil/computer and water and air, but forget that.) I currently have inspiration, but no time. And when I have time, I don't have inspiration. But summer vacation is coming soon! If I'm not going on vacation or studying, I'll be writing. :)

"May's Johto Expeditions"

Well, gee. I didn't think I'd be gone for this long but I'm back! I've actually tried for a very long time to write a chronicles series with May's adventures in Johto because I felt that none of the ones on FF did her character any justice. But I always lost motivation writing the first boring chapter about her leaving and blah blah blah. So in MJE I'm just getting straight to the juicy stuff. It's almost going to be like a series of one shots, except they're going to be hella long one-shots.

The one-shots won't always be necessarily related, either, which makes it a lot easier for me to write whenever I have motivation and not have to worry about continuing a story or whatever. Hopefully you guys will like them! They've all been inspired by episodes in the show, so feel free to go back and watch those episodes. For the sake of nostalgia. :)

Constructive criticism is accepted. Flames are too. They keep my fireplace going.

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