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The Ten Commandments of Original Character (OC) creation:

1. Once you've made your OC nerf them, make them weaker.

2. Now that you've nerfed your OC, do it again.

3. Now that you've nerfed them twice make sure that the characters of the world they are being planted in are going to be around the same level as your OC.

4. If your OC is designed to be overpowered ensure they have an antagonist that is just as powerful and capable as your OC.

5. Never, ever, ship your OC with a canon character unless it falls into to an exemption category (see below).

6. Your OC is to never be a family member of a canon character or the lover of a canon character (see commandment 5).

7. If your OC is replacing a canon character, have a good reason why this is happening, if they're a genderbent version of a canon character try and keep that canon character's original personality and style as intact as possible.

8. If your OC falls into an exemption category then make sure that you follow the rules of that world when creating them.

9. Now that you've checked all of these other things off your list of things that your OC should not, could not, and must not be or do nerf them again.

10. Get a beta reader, you're gonna need one.

Exemption Categories: Games and the like where you are already creating your own character such as Fallout, or the Elder Scrolls series. Series where the main protagonist is never clearly defined or named, such as Kantai Collection where you are the Admiral. Things of this nature are the only stories where an OC may ignore the 5th commandment.

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