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9k+From Fake Dreams » by Third Fang Emiya Kiritsugu was happy living the rest of his short days. He had put his past behind him... until he began to dream of futures that had yet to be. Let it be known that the Magus Killer was not dangerous simply because he was dying and had no plans to fight.
Fate/stay night, M, English, Adventure, chapters: 59, words: 1078k+, favs: 10k+, follows: 10k+, updated: 1/26 published: 7/22/2011, Shirō E.
223 Unrealized Peacekeeper » by OneEye the DRD AU: In the fourth season episode "Unrealized Reality", we saw an alternate John Crichton who became a Peacekeeper captain. This is the story of how that might have happened... Wrap up summary in final chapter
Farscape, T, English, Drama & Angst, chapters: 18, words: 179k+, favs: 277, follows: 192, updated: 11/12/2020 published: 11/15/2002, Aeryn S., B. Crais, J. Crichton, Scorpius
4k+ Maester Wolf » by ctc1000 What if Jon Snow wasn't the stupidest man in Westeros? A new beginning where Jon is still Lyanna's son, but Ned Stark hides him in a different way, which has a major impact on the Wars to come. A more cunning Snow changes the outcomes for his brothers and sisters. Eventually there will be some pairings but not for a while. The first section will be the War in the Riverlands.
Game of Thrones, T, English, chapters: 37, words: 377k+, favs: 5k+, follows: 5k+, updated: 9/17/2020 published: 5/26/2019, Jon S., Robb S.
628 Remnants » by General Rage From Halo's ashes, a mismatched Alliance is born. UNSC soldiers now serve alongside both Batarian deserters and shifty Jackal Space Pirates. Now Shepard and Master Chief have to keep these strange bedfellows from killing one another before they can stop an emergent new threat to the galaxy. The Next Swashbuckling Chapter of the Wormhole Chronicles.
Halo & Mass Effect, M, English, Adventure & Sci-Fi, chapters: 28, words: 635k+, favs: 362, follows: 416, updated: 9/1/2020 published: 4/22/2016, Master Chief/John-117, Cortana, Tali'Zorah, Shepard
370Mass Effect: A Measure of Salvation » by Mal Cobb With the Reapers closing in, Miranda Lawson understands well the magnitude of the threat. But as she breaks free from Cerberus and navigates the perils of a fracturing Systems Alliance, can she reconcile the operative she once was with the woman who's fallen for Commander Shepard? Rated M for graphic violence, language, and strong sexual situations.
Mass Effect, M, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 45, words: 484k+, favs: 472, follows: 542, updated: 5/4/2020 published: 12/1/2013, Ashley W., Miranda L., Shepard
452 Force Bond 4: Jedi » by KittandChips AU. Fourth in a series where Luke has been raised by Vader on Coruscant. Luke is caught between his loyalty and love for the man who raised him, and his desire not to become a Sith.
Star Wars, K+, English, Adventure & Drama, chapters: 12, words: 71k+, favs: 706, follows: 129, updated: 4/28/2020 published: 10/29/2002, Darth Vader, Luke S.
255 Force Bond 1: Orphan » by KittandChips AU After Owen and Beru are killed by a mysterious stranger, young Luke ends up as an orphan on Coruscant. It's a race against time as Obi-Wan struggles to find Luke before Vader realizes the boy is his son.
Star Wars, K+, English, Drama & Adventure, chapters: 8, words: 47k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 291, updated: 4/28/2020 published: 7/9/2001, Darth Vader, Luke S.
104Nineteen » by zArkham Padmé, Anakin and Leia all did some pretty impressive things by 19. But what about Luke? Canonically he was playing with his model T-16 back on Tatooine. Yet what exploits could he have possibly done on such a desolate planet? Nothing…except maybe take over Jabba's criminal empire! **Very AU** w/elements & some characters of SG-1, BSG 2.0, Dune and the original KOTOR games.
Star Wars, M, English, Sci-Fi & Adventure, chapters: 7, words: 65k+, favs: 421, follows: 474, updated: 3/24/2020 published: 11/4/2016, Luke S., Leia O., Ahsoka T.
50The Storyteller » by Stephensmat Effie let out a long suffering sigh at Katniss' shout. "I'm sorry, miss; but the time for that has passed. If you wanted to volunteer, you should have said so when it was your turn." A canon-divergent Fic: Prompt: What if Katniss wasn't allowed to Volunteer for Prim? Rated hard T for themes, both implied and directly shown. This is the Hunger Games, after all.
Hunger Games, T, English, Drama & Tragedy, chapters: 20, words: 178k+, favs: 45, follows: 49, updated: 3/10/2020 published: 4/23/2019, Katniss E., Prim E., Peeta M., Rue
154 The Parallel: Two Corpses » by Kireteiru AU. Really, REALLY AU. "We exist together now; two corpses... in one grave." If you were taken from your home and made into a monster, would you break... or would you fight? MCxC, rated M for reasons. Revision Complete!
Halo, M, English, Romance & Sci-Fi, chapters: 35, words: 130k+, favs: 307, follows: 160, updated: 11/28/2019 published: 6/4/2010, Master Chief/John-117, Arbiter, Cortana, Fred-104
700Another Chance » by tatewaki2000 A needlessly complicated time-travel story of Ash Ketchum. Time-travel fic. Ash/Misty
Pokémon, T, English, Drama & Adventure, chapters: 32, words: 66k+, favs: 406, follows: 346, updated: 11/19/2019 published: 11/15/2008, Ash K./Satoshi, Misty/Kasumi
1k+ The Spartan Effect » by Gatekeeper333 Everyone's favorite Spartan is looking for a new purpose, lucky for him, the Commander his happy to oblige. (5-23-19 Info: On Hiatus after Chapter 45. Will update with schedule after life is in order.)
Halo & Mass Effect, T, English, chapters: 45, words: 495k+, favs: 2k+, follows: 3k+, updated: 5/23/2019 published: 3/27/2011, Master Chief/John-117, Tali'Zorah, Miranda L., Shepard
2k+ Harry Potter, Lone Traveler, God and Wizard » by dunuelos It's finally happened: The Lone Traveler became a God. With the Divine name Marek Ilumian, Patron God of Free Will, Minor God of Knowledge and Travel, sometimes he goes over the top. But he's all about giving people a choice - or at least the opportunity to Choose. And having fun, of course. And Pie. Lots of Pie. Completed but I've added more.
X-overs & Harry Potter, T, English, Adventure, chapters: 65, words: 237k+, favs: 2k+, follows: 2k+, updated: 2/26/2019 published: 9/28/2016
1k+ Stargaryan Ring » by errobotter Ed Stark gives Jon a ring that turns his life into a video game. Jon will navigate the world of Ice and Fire while his skills and character grow and develop. Inspired by the other GoT video game plots (find them, read them, love them) and the Video Game Plot communities (check them out). Please review!
Game of Thrones & Elder Scroll series, M, English, Adventure, chapters: 23, words: 169k+, favs: 3k+, follows: 3k+, updated: 2/17/2019 published: 10/9/2016, Jon S.
350Je Mourrais » by Kavek ChiefxCortana. High Charity is Cortana's physical prison, but the prison of the mind can be far worse. What if you could never touch the one you loved? Rating subject to change. Eight years later, chapter 17 is here!
Halo, T, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 17, words: 73k+, favs: 397, follows: 437, updated: 2/15/2019 published: 10/12/2007
3k+ The Last Spartan » by DinoJake An AU fic in which the Halo and ME universes share the same galaxy. After a well deserved rest in Cryo-Sleep, Master Chief finally awakens...to a whole new galaxy.
Halo & Mass Effect, T, English, Sci-Fi & Adventure, chapters: 55, words: 489k+, favs: 4k+, follows: 4k+, updated: 12/31/2018 published: 5/2/2010, Master Chief/John-117
429 Loyal Dogs » by MondayVibes Part 1 of the War Dogs 'verse. With all the conflict and tension between Amestris and Aerugo, it was inevitable that a war would break loose. Mustang, though, had always thought that he would be able to keep his young prodigy away from such a nightmarish ordeal.
Fullmetal Alchemist, T, English, Adventure & Drama, chapters: 33, words: 134k+, favs: 497, follows: 458, updated: 12/30/2018 published: 10/16/2009, Edward E., Riza H., Roy M.
22 What we have in Common » by Vampire-Badger In one world a misthios named Kassandra lives on the island of Kephallonia, waiting for a chance to escape. In the world next door a misthios named Alexios lives the exact same life. The one point of contact between them is their eagle, Ikaros, who travels back and forth between them-and eventually they figure that out. AU set pre-game, with spoilers up through leaving Kephallonia
Assassin's Creed, K+, English, Family, chapters: 12, words: 38k+, favs: 79, follows: 70, updated: 11/28/2018 published: 10/6/2018
1To Get Through » by Lady yang Jonathon is doing alright. Even though the silhouettes of Demogorgons stalk his dreams and guilt eats the outer layer of his stomach raw at night, he's fine. Jonathon Byers is fine, he has to be. As long as he can take care of his mom and brother and keep them safe from now on, he will be okay. It has to be enough to get him through.
Stranger Things, 2016, M, English, Hurt/Comfort & Family, chapters: 2, words: 13k+, favs: 2, follows: 2, updated: 11/10/2018 published: 11/3/2018, Jonathan B., Joyce B., Nancy W., Will B.
71 New Beginnings: An Ever Changing State » by Eagle9177 A series of unconnected one shots that didn't fit in the main story and AU's. Mostly lighthearted fun. All chapters are F/F. Will take requests. (Art work was commissioned, no other usage or uploading anywhere without my permission.)
Star Wars & Mass Effect, M, English, Romance & Humor, chapters: 10, words: 36k+, favs: 261, follows: 272, updated: 10/21/2018 published: 2/14/2015, Revan, J. Garson, Garrus V., Miranda L.
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