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My name is Ricardo, i am 33 years old, i live in El Salvador, I'm heterosexual, my first language is Spanish and i defend my self in English and would like to learn Japanese. If you are asking your self why i write so Little or any thing depending of how much i have upload is cause i have really bad grammar and orthographical skills in both languages , not much experience writing(cause honestly i have hate to write since i was a kid) and im perfectionist by nature so if i upload something it has to be perfect or close in of, I'm an otaku, also i like movies, tv shows and music;i don't mention favorites cause no mater of what i would never end, without mention that i change likes a lot.

My Little sister recommend me to describe my appearance so, I'm average body type, tanned skin person (kind of obvious considering that I'm Latin and where i live),i have dark brown eyes, dark brown hair. My family are: parents, my Little brother(not so Little any more), my Little sister sister(not so Little any more either), and me of course.

And i also would like to point out that I like silver agis wisely express HATE and DETEST slash/Yaoi/Gay/Lesbian Fanfiction. I'm 100 straight and contrary to belief, not all guys likes to see two girls getting it on.

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