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Hey guys!

My primary focus is currently on Ao3, check out my stories under SilverWolfPen, where you can see the amazing art for my Owl House fics that I have gathered over time. Also, you will find my current masterpiece: Sing for Absolution, which I am co-writing with the amazing and insanely talented Tripower (@Tripower_chan on Twitter). Please note, this story is rated M for Mature, so proceed with caution.

Update: I will be focusing solely on my Ao3 account (Archive of Our Own) Please still feel free to message me on this account if you have any questions, but for future stories, they will all be updated on Ao3. Thank you all for your support and I look forward to seeing you there!

Profile image is commissioned by @_jqube_ for my Owl House witchsona.



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