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Thankfully a little hard work has finished Storm Hawks : Its easier to run. A sequel is coming soon!!

Im a huge fan of the Storm Hawks!!

And as such I've created my own OC Charactcer : 'Bane' a Mysterious yet powerful figure form the depths of Terra Vio 'The Zone'. I've written three stories so far, 2 are about the Storm Hawks and Bane. The other is about the Storm Hawks. There is violence, romance and language within all these stories. There is love interest, AerrowXPiper BaneXSuzi Lu and probably others in future stories. Hope you enjoy them!!


I'm planning a sequel to Storm Hawks : Nuclide, I'm Still sketchy on the details but a story WILL emerge!!

Another Story about Billy Rex and Suzy Lu should be coming soon, just trying to catch up on a few details.

Im bored...

Anyway thinking up some more stories.

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