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Author's Note (PLEASE READ VERY IMPORTANT): Well, if you found your way onto my profile, consider yourself fortunate. Especially since I don't nearly write as much fanfiction as I would like.

A couple of things about me fanfiction wise. If you haven't noticed already, most of my fanfics here are oneshots. That's really all I have time for these days. So fanfics such as Time of Dying and A Fallen Star will be on hiatus until I find the time (and the motivation) to work on them. When that will be, your guess is as good as mine. I realize updates for those two long overdue, and I sincerely apologize for that.

So yeah. Expect oneshots and plenty of 'em.

If you happen to read one of my fanfics, please, please, please review. And please, please, please avoid one-liner reviews especially, such as "I loved it!" and "It was great!", so on and so forth. I want to be an effective writer, but I can't exactly improve my writing with no reviews or one-liner reviews.

"But what exactly am I supposed to review?"

Well, glad you asked.

Sometimes, at the end of my fics, I write these "author notes". And in these notes, I generally say things like "I feel [so-and-so] was out of character" or "I feel like the dialogue wasn't good".

If you don't know where to start with your review, start by answering those statements because you'd be surprised on how helpful that is to me as a writer.


Another thing you can do is comment on what you liked and/or disliked about the fanfic.

Here's an example of what I consider a helpful review:

"It's such a great take on the Cray predicament, especially on the parts of Psyqualia and Void as creations of Cray, especially as Psyqualia is presented as something truly for the good guys and misunderstood. And the explanations behind Miwa's wide knowledge of Vanguard as well as Kai's uneasiness about the forces like Psyqualia; they fit so well with this. The compatibility issue is a fantastic concept you've come up with - it's like justifying why some are able to possess Psyqualia and handle it, some unable to and why many aren't even touched. An idea executed incredibly well, more so with Tetsu and Kai's involvement with the Psyqualia plot in the manga, as well as their portrayal in the anime . . .

I love the interaction between Blaster Blade and Ezel, the latter being given a personality is something that people have complained about as it hasn't happened in the anime, so the fact that you decided upon that is great and he bounces off Blaster Blade easily. As for Void, you've shown it off as one could expect if it had the ability to speak through a vessel and the suggestion that a portion of it had slipped to Earth already, allowing it to bind to Leon is an interesting take in comparison to Asia-Hen's. Its backstory paints it as simply ignored and wishing to protect its planet, tainted by the acts it had to commit in order to fulfil that mission. Which works well with the relationship it has with Leon."

Now, not saying all of your reviews have to look exactly like this. Because I understand. You just don't have the time to write an essay for a review. But what I like about this review is that the reviewer pointed out her favorite parts of the oneshot, as well as how she believes it could fit with the anime I'm writing it for.

And hey. Wasn't that one of my suggestions?

So yeah. Please review. And review in a way that tells me what I did right and what I did wrong. And give suggestions if you can. Thanks!!

- Hakase Fudou, July 13, 2013

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