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my name is Michael and im a big fan of Naruto, Eragon and Spyro "i grew up with Spyro, so why wouldn't i be a fan?"

info about me

Gender: Male

Age: 15+

My favorite pairing in the inheritance cycle is


Spyro pairing...


as for Naruto pairings... eh i really dont care much anymore

i also found out about some website where i can raise a dragon so if u read my stories please visit this link, it'll literally make my dragon grow faster and be alot happier!



lol thx again! please visit often because if you dont my Dragon will be lonely despite my visits, and if my Dragon is happy i will have more time to update!

and for those of you who are reading my story Dragons in the skies im still putting the next chapter up, im sorry if its taking awhile but if i rush im gonna crash and burn, just like the last 2 stories i attempted and failed at! please b patient and feel free to send me encouraging messages or something that'll make me want to finis quicker! IT JUST MIGHT HELP ME UPDATE SOONER!! other than that i might get caught up in something else...

OMG Spyro movie is said to be coming out possibly on Christmas 2009!! ive been told its based off ANB i hope its true!! What are you looking at me for? BE EXCITED!!

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