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Hey. those who follow this profile. I know i didn't write anything new on this profile for weeks. and i do not have any stories.

Okay as promised. Here is list of crossover and non-crossover story ideas (the non-crossover ideas are very few) .(some of the crossovers may be with fandoms you don't know) and you may send me a message to my inbox(no flames) concerning these ideas.

Alert:Incoming plot bunny for Transformers Fans(Multi-crossover idea)

Name: Sparks of the Multiverse

Plot: During a battle over a spacebridge. Both Autobots and Decepticons forces have the Sparks sucked into the unstable spacebridge. But instead of the Sparks being extinguished. They wake up in new body's. or to be more specific. There Sparks have somehow setteled in machine's and gadgets of human and alien origin. What each spark does not know yet is that their sparks have setteled in technology across the multiverse, with no way of getting back home or contacting other Cybertronians that are not in their new dimensions. So now they have to get used to their new body’s and the new dimensions.(Note: if I ever get around to it. I will write this first. And then the story will start having substories related to Sparks of The Multiverse. Dealing with with the Cybertronians doings in their new home dimensions)

Don't be afraid. tell me what you think.

And here there are.

Transformers/Heroes crossover.

King Kong/Pirates Of The Caribbean crossover.

Ben 10/ Transformers Animated crossover.

Indiana Jones/ Transformers crossover.

Ben 10/Fantastic Four crossover.

Kim Possible/Transformers Animated crossover.

Transformers/Smallville crossover.

Ben 10/Smallville crossover.

Terminator/Transformers crossover.

Transformers/Iron Man crossover.

Transformers/The Spectacular Spider man crossover.

Ben 10/ The Spectacular Spider man crossover.

Fantastic Four/Transformers crossover.

Heroes/Spider man crossover.

Transformers in WW2.

Ok. As you can tell by the number of ideas involving Transformers. I a big transformers fan. bear with me.

and i will put plot and names to ideas eventully

until then

Mr Crossover

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