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Humm...might be strange to have a profile when I haven't ever really written much other than reviews, but what the heck.

Let's see - I love reading in the Twilight fandom and I'll give nearly anything a chance (as long as the grammar and punctuation don't drive me crazy first). I was an old-school devoted La Femme Nikita fan - I still have every episode on VHS, yes, recorded straight from the TV - I never quite found the $ to buy the DVD version. I am beyond disgusted with the new "Nikita" tv series that just started - WTF? LFN is what got me into my first fandom and reading fanfic. I also read a lot of ST:Voyager fanfic back in the day. I'm not really cool enough to hang with Tom and B'Elanna, but I know Harry and I would get along well.

When I read the Twilight series, that is what made me think to take a look for Twilight fanfic. I've been spending waaay too much time reading it ever since! I've even read a couple interesting reads in the HP and Hunger Games fandoms, but I don't dumpster dive anymore, so I rely on recs for those.

IRL, I'm a 30-something animal geneticist from Canada, lived in the US for about 10 years, and now I live in Germany.

I love taking a quick look through rec sites, but I don't really have time to spend on any fandom website forums; in fact, if anyone actually recognizes my name, it is likely just because I try to review just about everything I read.

I've recently become a beta for Sparkly Red Pen, and I have a few story ideas bouncing around that I might actually write down some day - how familiar does that sound? But seriously, my old boss would really rather I finish up the manuscript for the journal article I was supposed to polish up 6 months ago, so that should come first...I guess ;)

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