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1 September 2018

Ok, brace yourselves. You might've seen this on the horizon, especially if you've been following my social media. But, here it is: I wrote a book! And you can buy it on the Internet!

It’s a novel about friendship and how your surroundings shape what it means to be friends, especially when the world as you knew it no longer exists. It’s a novel about fighting and who the enemy is when it seems like every city is a death trap waiting to take your life last and everything else about you--your sanity, your morals, your body--first. It’s a novel about finding yourself when the world ends before you turn fifteen and everything you know, every history book you’ve ever read or algebra problem you’ve ever solved, literally means nothing now. What it means to trust, what it means to survive, what it means to live in a world where there are no rules, not anymore.

Charlie Cross doesn’t know that’s she’s scared; she thinks she’s Fighting The Good Fight, thinks she has the upper hand over the rebels who have taken over not just the government, but every last great city of the once free world. The libraries, the grocery stores, the suburban cul-de-sacs all overrun by lawless, faithless “rebelutionaries.” She’s on the run from everyone, including herself. Learning about herself--who she is, what she values--drives the narrative and Charlie’s journey in search of how to find peace after chaos, how to find the concept of home.

Anyone who has known me over the years knows that it’s always been my goal to be a writer, not just in name but in practice. Guess what? I am one now. I’m a writer, and this is my first published novel. I’m writing under my pen name, Bailey South, for various Reasons, but mostly so that I can keep my private life exactly what it is, private. I’m sharing this with all of you here, but in order to spare your timelines, feeds, and dashboards of marketing and bookish clutter, I ask that interested parties follow my writing Twitter and Tumblr for the latest and greatest.

Thank you all so much for your support. I can hardly believe I’m typing this right now. I can’t believe that it’s not just a dream anymore.

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28 August 2018

Hey, fam! It's been a hot minute since I had anything interesting to say, but watch this space for some GOOD NEWS in the next two weeks. Maybe not the kind of news you were expecting after my last update, but news all the same. Can you believe A Lesser Beauty is ten years old this year? A whole decade of love, love, love.

13 February 2017

How would you feel if A Lesser Beauty was edited and rebranded as original fiction? Let's face it: it already pretty much is, was just using copyrighted characters as name holders. Would you be offended? Would you feel like the work was somehow cheapened? All I can think is that if some chump can do it with Twilight fanfic, then... why not try? Why not see what there is to see? Plus, I got to edit out some truly horrendous epithets and strange turns of phrase that, even seven years later, still annoy me.

The one thing I would change, but can't, is all the sex. For personal reasons, the amount that's present is incredibly distressing to me. But it is what it is. It's necessary.

For now I'll leave the story up here in the original format. Should something change and the story mysteriously disappear, you'll know what's coming next.

13 August 2016

AkuRoku Day 2016 fic can be found at Ao3. Same username since old habits die hard.

I'm still writing! Just not here so much. Inquiring minds should follow my tumblr/twitter accounts for more up-to-date work.

29 July 2013

Slowly but surely.

14 February 2013

Sooo it's definitely been almost two years since I updated here. I still owe someone a 10k Cloud/Aerith fic set in the LB universe for being the highest bidder on that fandomaid thing. I think something to do with the fact that I don't know a damned thing about Aerith or Cloud as real, sustainable characters is probably more to blame for the massive writer's block that followed that prompt, but anyone who knows me in any sort of personal capacity knows that these last two years have been complete and utter hell for me. I really do mean COMPLETE AND UTTER HELL. The likes of which great angsty fic could be written about, who knows.

But: all of that, in the end, didn't amount to much. I'm damaged more so now than I was before, but all the worst things that I feared didn't happen, and all the good things I hoped for did. It's hard to write again, but I am trying. So I have posted some Valentine's Day AkuRoku for you. Because I love you.

I will try to be more diligent about re-upping those 117 Days drabbles here without spamming inboxes. Promise.

14 March 2011

I am currently offering fic to the highest bidder at help_japan and fandomaid, two lj communities sending aid to Japan to help with relief from the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami. Every $1 gets you 100 words. Casey V., of Boys fame, is also offering fic at help_japan. Don't sleep on this, guys. Find all the info you need at the bidding post: Versace Frolic @ lj.

30 October 2010

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I posted a mysteriously long oneshot involving Axel and the end of the fucking world, baby. Eat a piece of candy for me, be safe, and have FUN!

4 October

Re-up of a story I never posted here, From the Depths. The soundtrack paired with this story, De Profundis: is here. I've been thinking about re-upping 117 Days, just to get it backed up (I never saved any of the stories, so if it manages to get deleted, all those drabbles are toast). Thoughts?

11 September 2010

A Lesser Beauty is now complete. Closing credits: "Your Hand in Mine" by Explosions in the Sky. Thank you, everyone, for reading along for the last two years.

13 August 2010

HAPPY AKUROKU DAY! I meant to post this sucker at midnight but I... fell asleep, heh. I set an alarm to get me up, but I guess I slept through it. ALAS. Anyway, five hours late, this year's 8/13 fic, Cities of the Future, is now available for your viewing pleasure. It's not fantastic, I apologize in advance, but if any of you have no work (like me!) or school today, this will keep you company.

Eat, drink, be merry. If any of you live in San Francisco, check out Bi-Rite Creamery's "salted caramel" ice cream. I know there's a recipe on the Internetz that tells you how to go about making sea salt popsicles, but I'd say this is the better (though not blue) alternative. Also, my state's Prop 8 got pwned in case any of you have been following the news. So, ladies and gents, let's give it up for Axel and Roxas: if they decided to get married in California, they'd have convenient salty/sweet ice cream within reach, no gummi ship required.

...At this point, I'd say it's probably best if I go back to sleep. But I am excited! I hope other people have pulled out the stops today (I tried, I really did. I hope at least someone liked it), and until I head out to the middle of the desert in celebration, I'm going to prowl the internet for art and fic and music and stuff. If any of you uploaded something for this particular occasion, link me to it! I am super nerdy about holidays and stuff, and if I had an Organization XIII coat, I'd be wearing it right now.

I don't even know what I'm saying. HAPPY 8/13, Y'ALL!


17 July 2010

IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN. Chapter 17: "Vices" of A Lesser Beauty is now available for your reading enjoyment. GET HIP TO IT.

22 May 2010

Big project in the works. That's all I'm saying on this at the moment, but trust me: if you're into reading KH fic, you're going to die when you hear what we're planning. I'm still in the middle of this dry spell, and I have about two hours of free time a day, so I can't make any promises on when new stuff will go up.

To the random chick that messaged me asking if I'm going to be continuing A Lesser Beauty and didn't have PMs turned on for me to reply: the answer is always going to be that I'm writing this fucking thing even if it kills me. So, only in the event of my death will LB not be completed. That said, I'm not begging for readers or reviews. I'm not going to justify my work or aesthetic, so don't do me any favors if it's a chore for you to read an unfinished fic. Read it if you want. If you don't? Alright, cool.

To everyone else still waiting: I love you.

31 March 2010

Dry spell. No inspiration.

14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! New abomination up for your viewing pleasure: Fight Off Your Demons, a V-day Axel/Roxas one-shot for all your lovesick needs. I AM A ONE TRICK PONY. New chapter of LB sooner rather than later, I promise.


24 January 2010

HAY GUESS WHAT: Chapter 16: "Necessity" of A Lesser Beauty is now available. Links for the cover song referenced in the chapter: download / YouTube video . I strongly urge you all to check it out.

Only two chapters left in LB. Tell all your friends.


17 January 2010

Whoa, just spammed the hell out of your inboxes with re-uploads of A Lesser Beauty. In case it gets lost in the shuffle: Chapter 15: "Manners" of A Lesser Beauty is now available. Beware: sap sap sappy sap. JUST SAYIN'.

MAY YOUR DAYS BE MERRY AND BRIGHT. (Also: aren't those Birth by Sleep spoilers something else? God damn.)


1 January 2010

Alright, fandom. You win. It's going back up, all of it, and then some. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE.

Happy New Year.


24 December 2009

It's officially Christmas Eve here in sunny Southern California, and I guess the only thing I really have to say is please forgive my transgressions against your sensibilities. THE RUMORS ARE TRUE. After deleting every last scrap off fic of the Internet (livejournal, fanfiction.net, and deviantart), I've re-uploaded every last one to a brand new vault of obscenity. Without further ado, my Christmas gift to the entire fandom: Versace Frolic @ lj.

At the above you'll find How to Disappear Completely, A Lesser Beauty, Fortunate Son, and everything in between, including but not limited to all the one-shots I had up on dA, brand new one-shots and series that were previously unannounced, and B-sides to the whirlwind of gorgeous that was pouikee's brainchild, 117 Days. All fanart and FSTs were archived and uploaded for viewing and listening at your discretion.

I'm currently trying to decide whether or not I want to re-upload A Lesser Beauty here on ffnet. What do you crazy kids think? Yes? No? Does anyone even care about that piece of shit? It will definitely be posted at VF when I get around to cranking the next sucker out, but I feel sorta obligated to all of you that have me listed as a favorite author. Is it worth it? Fourteen straight messages of re-upload spam? Starting from scratch, over-writing, typos, tense changes, and all? All your lovely Favorite Story Alerts and Story Alerts are disappeared into the ether. I think, for those of you on ffnet, it's a convenient way to keep reading without having to switch forums, but it feels very inauthentic to...

I'M JUST GOING ON AND ON, AREN'T I. PM me your thoughts. Re-upload or just post to VF? I value your input, guys! Lay it on me!

It was a blast while it lasted. 300 reviews and a hell of a lot of love, but it was time for a change. I love all, all, ALL of you. Happy Holidays to you and yours.


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