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My name is Angela and I do not write stories myself unfortunately. I just love to read amazing ones that make me cry like a baby or smile creepily out of sheer Joy!

I am a senior in high school. I plan to do architecture and design when I get to college. I love houses and rugs and furniture and anything else you can fit in your typical home! Especially...aquariums... I have a high class taste as my family says. My dream house would take a lot of money to make...and that's why I plan to go into architecture. So that I can build that perfect house that won't have some stupid hallway that I dislike or a kitchen that was arranged stupidly. Selfish I know! But that's my dream.

Stories on are always enjoyable...well...sometimes. We all now there are a few that are questionable in more than one aspect. I am 18 and I have read fanfictions since I was 13. My current obsession is Fma. However I do go back to the my oldies like Saiyuki, Wolf's Rain or Skip Beat! I do usually go to the angst or dramatic stories, but I do sometimes love to see happy endings and read some fluffy romance fics. I can't really do anything but say I hope you go to my Favorited stories and browse through them and hopefully read some of the ones I enjoy! I bet you won't be disappointed and maybe you'll find one you really like that you might have skipped over or never have seen before. =)

My favorite stories to read for Fma are:

RoyEd Romance

CoS AU's- that are sensible...

2003 original anime related fanfics

Another addition, which is most likely useless, to seeing my profile is to see my favorite songs atm!.

Christina Perri - Arms

L'arcenCiel -Goodluck my Way(Admittedly I love this song because of FMA Sacred Star of Milos. This song being the main theme in the movie ahhahha)

Kaine Salvation - I really have no Idea who sings it. However it is from a likable and depressing game called Nier Gestalt.

Locked out of Heaven -Bruno Mars

Breathe Into Me - Red

All the Things That I've Done - The Killers

Whatcha Say - Jason Derulo

Misty - Gackt

Hope you like these songs if you chose to listen! :)

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