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I have lost my inspiration for Snapes Secret Admirer. I may return to it in the future. I have started writing (on paper) an inheritance fic with Harry in it. I have it planned out and am just working on the actual wording of chapters and such. After I have it worked out for 5 or 6 chapters I will type it up in segments and post for a reader review and see if it will be worth completing. You guys give the most honest reviews and if life had been better to me when I started writing i would have got further with my previous story by now. I may still get more of it done I have not given up completely just need to get back on track..

Finished mapping out my new story. I liked the title in Latin (English: In creatures magic trusts). Two chapter pre-written. one typed will work on typing second up for posting late 6/18 or early 6/19. will continue with chapter 3 writing in between hope to have first three chapters typed and posted by Monday 6/21. *Crossing fingers* Let me know what you think of my story. Once he moves into his residence of choice I will use some imagery to give you an idea of what the place looks like. when he meets his Protectors face to face i will give visual descriptions of him and them so everyone can see each other face to face. if anyone wants to submit their art work ideas send them and i will view () I know what I am looking at in my head but I am no artist.. sorry guys... so yeah review.. review.. review

Check out my favorite stories and authors. They are my inspiration after all.

Many thanks to all the readers who placed In Creatura Veneficus Fides on their favorite list. I will be adding new chapters soon. I had major computer issues and just recently am able to work on typing up new chapters. I have a few written. My computer time will be limited the next few days but I hope to have a new chapter for you all posted by Easter.

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