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For starters, I like this concept, but I don't know why people bother with putting it clear down at the bottom of their profile, so mine is at the top. :)

Upcoming Projects:

Possibly an Avril fic. (From Gosick) "You Can't Save Them All" The plot is still in the purely vague conceptual form, so this may or may not really happen. But I've always felt she kind of got shafted in the series a bit, what with liking Kujo, but never getting someone to replace him when it was obvious Victorique was the only person for him, so I want to write a fic about her getting someone. Yeah, yeah, sappy romance, whatever. It probably won't be too sappy. One would hope anyways...

Oh yeah, also a potential semi-sequel to "Dream Sequence" this time featuring chipmunks and Portal...not that people cared too much about the first, but I'm having fun writing it and you won't need to have read "Dream Sequence" for this one to still be entertaining.

For all you Stardust fans out there, I am hoping to make a Victoria/Humphrey story, based on the movie since I rather childishly refuse to read the book since I love the movie so much and don't want my perception of it to be tainted by what it should have been like. That's always the trouble with book-based movies isn't? :)

Potentially I'm thinking of writing a Hercule Poirot mystery, I've been reading lots of Agatha Christie lately, so it just seems fitting, but we'll just have to see how that turns outs. Mystery plots tend to be harder for me to work with than the traditional sort of storyline I normally work with.

I am going to do a series of Wolf's Rain oneshots. Of all the wolves (at least the main ones, meaning not necessarily Blue or other more side characters like that) when they were puppies. I have finished my Toboe one, so only 3 more wolves to go. Probably. Unless I decide I want to do some other characters like Blue as well. I guess we'll have to see.

(Published) Ongoing Projects:

For My Valentine: a Sumire/Mugi fluff piece, lots of chocolate and silliness, typical K-On! really. It'll probably be divided into three parts, but as the last half isn't really finished yet we'll have to see if it stays that way. (Sorry it's taking so long, the plot has decided to get all tangled up and I'm having a hard time figuring out what I want to do.)

No Name: Spirited Away via Haku's perspective. Need I say more?

Another Tuck: Obviously from the Tuck Everlasting world, I am amazed and grateful to all my faithful readers (I started this thing clear back in 2008) but finally I'm reaching the climax and I just have to work through that and then it will be smooth sailing to the end. Whoot! The end is in sight people, I promise.

Lovely Life: Related to events in Another Tuck but not so distinctly that you must read Another Tuck. Similar idea to Lace and Shaggy Locks, but the prompts are Winnie and Jesse. It's much slower going than LSL :)

The Wild One: Another one that's been around for ages, although this particular piece has less reason to be wandering around unfinished seeing as how it's all written I just haven't typed it and put it on the computer yet. Such is my laziness, but someday it will all be posted trust me. I just need to break through my laziness first.

Two Lovely Bookworms: A Gosick and Dantalian no Shoka crossover, that I'm really excited about but having trouble actually writing...that's just how these things go sometimes. :P

Turning Point: A Penelope fanfic about how the story might have gone if she had simply denied Edward's proposal.

Haru's Adventure: A crossover involving breakup and Haru (Tonari no Kaibatsu-kun) and Nino (Arakawa Under the Bridge) floating on a chunk of ice to the ocean.

Wellspring of Wisdom: A story involving Kujo and Victorique travelling to America, based on my extremely limited knowledge of Gosick Red and Gosick Blue.

Midnight in Paris: AU Gilmore Girls fic, Paris-centric, and different ending (sort of) for Paris and Asher's relationship, plus Rory and Marty, because I also thought it was unfortunate that Rory never gave him a chance, plus I never liked Logan all that much.

About Me:

I'm just someone that likes to swim, and read and write, I love the idea of fanfictions although i'm not very good at it, sorry if my stories take forever to get out there. I can't help it that I'm so busy all the time, but I do try to keep them as up-to-date as I can. (Another part of the problem is I have so many things I'm writing and working on that I forget the other stuff even exists, so ya...it can take awhile to get any new stuff out there, I appreciate everyone who will keep reading my stories despite that)

I apparently also write a lot less fanfiction than other people, seeing the monstrous numbers of stories other people write...but at least I'm having fun doing mine. I have more oneshots than I ever really thought I'd write and my long pieces, tend to be exceptionally long and take ages to write, but if you like my writing have patience and eventually everything should get updated at one time or another. I've also discovered that it is much easier to write stories that are a series of one-shots and not in any particular chronological order, which I suppose makes sense, considering then I don't have to bother with sequence and timelines and whatnot...

Fairly recently I have discovered myself to be a Doctor Who/Torchwood fanatic and one day maybe I'll even be able to write fanfics about them rather than just reading them. I have several other obsessions as well, being someone who almost has to have something to be obsessed about, but those are my top two at the moment :D

Once upon a time I managed Cyrcoria's account: http:// www.fanfiction .net /u/3129991/ Crycoria while she was serving an LDS mission and asked me to keep track of what goes on with her stories and such while she is gone. If you like Harry Potter that is currently the only fandom she has written for and you would probably like her stories.

I also would be open to receiving story ideas from other people and trying them out, if you have a story you can't quite figure out how to write, maybe I can help.

I love reviews naturally, critiques in one form or another being of course preferable, so I can know what I'm doing well, and what I need to improve. Flames don't do that, nor do reviews that merely say, "I love your writing" I like to know bits and pieces that are good, need to be improved etc. rather than simply being told that the reader loved or hated what I wrote.

I suppose it's worthwhile to mention that my pen name is not a pipe dream and I am in fact a published author: http:// http:// rosedogbooks-store. stores. yahoo. net/ wechboonbl. html (minus the spaces naturally) seriously go check my book out! I promise it is awesome :) UPDATE: I have been informed that for whatever reason the link doesn't seem to take you directly to my book, so you may need to type Werewolf Chronicles into the search bar. So far as I can see, it is the only book that shows up with that search.

A last random fact: Ich kann Deutsch, aber nicht so gut.

"Truth can never be defeated even if people do forget about it occassionally." Elantris by: Brandon Sanderson

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