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let me get one thing straight here: i LOVE anime and im a yaoi fangirl BUT WHO CARES!!

my favorite yaoi couples are:

RoyXMarth from super smash bros melee

KuroganeXFai from Tsubasa resevoir chonicles

DoumekiXWatanuki from xxxholic

RyoutarouXLen (weird one) from La Corda D'oro also known as Primo Passo

somewhat IkeXMarth from Super smash bros brawl

FuumaXKamui from X/1999

SeishirouXSubaru from X/1999

HirokiXNowaki from Junjou Romantica

and so on...i have more but i cant remember them right now sooooo...yea...

oh yea one more thing u guys dont really have to read this its just something really random

i just read this forum about how people that despise yaoi love kurofai and its really weird how thats possible (although i kno people like that)

anyway...there was one reply where this person had 2 friends like that and they asked them y they liked kurofai

one answer was: kurofai wasnt really hard yaoi it was cute and sweet

then the other answer was (in quote): its really hard to see fai as a guy

i started cracking up when i read the second reason, i dont even kno y i find it so funny but to me it was hilarious

well im done so bye!!

oh yea and i dont only watch yaoi, most of the stuff i watch ISNT yaoi but i watch it every now and then because its so cute~ hyuu~

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