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Good lord! Someone is actually reading this? Why?

odd story ideas that i will never write but any one is free to use just send me a link so i can read it.

Firefly/assassins creed crossover

think about it, the alliance would be the Templars who have come to power. Mal and crew meet with an assassin when they are hired to carry him to a target as a passenger maybe Shepard Book could be a retired assassin/trainer. the assassin would carry the traditional hidden blades plus a small pistol and short sword/dagger. assassin joins the crew helping on jobs and occasionally pays them to carry him/her to an assignment.

Harry Potter

When Snape was in school he used his mothers maiden name Prince to make his nickname "the Half-Blood Prince" when he became an adult he stopped using this nickname. Therefore Snape is the Half-Blood Formerly known as Prince.

things i hate

abandoned stories

people who use quotes and get them wrong, when done on purpose it can be funny, when done on accident its annoying

example "once more into the breach" should be "once more unto the breach"

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