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In short, I'm a not-so-young (anymore) person who writes for enjoyment and reads to escape. These days, I admit that my writing might not be the best and I constantly improving all of my stories, even when they're done. However, I enjoy the process as it usually calms me down. It also helped me cope when there was nothing more than to let out some frustration. Plus, it gets me away from reality once in a great while, when ideas pop in my head and I can't deal with the world.

I do like where writing takes anyone, though. There are always interesting places, people and ideas that shape our complex minds. Books already published, and most especially stories here, can take us anywhere we want them to go. Our minds run freely and are giddy when we explain, pair up and even create everything, especially new characters with our favorite ones.

My interests are many and my dislikes are way fewer. I don't want to display my dislikes here because of the trouble I might cause. However, I do like to read books (kinda DUH here), writing obviously, listen to my favorite music (anything and everything) and attempt anything new. I also obtained a BA in Education Studies. I am a published author, through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, under the name Sara Ellie MacKenzie. If I am not on for a while, I will be writing the next book.

Sometimes, I write a lot. Sometimes, I spend months without writing. I'm either busy with my family, on writer's block or have work. However, I NEVER leave a story unfinished, no matter how long it takes me to do so. It might take me years to finish a story (and I've done it before too), but when it's done, I do want to feel proud that I did do it. However, I might still go back and fix it. I am always editing my chapters. I am NEVER satisfied with the stories.

I am eternally grateful to people for reading and reviewing my stories and buying my books. I also am grateful for the silent readers, who make my traffic so high. I don't get a lot of reviews and I don't like begging (which I sometimes will do in my notes), so please at least leave something that will shape my stories for the better. It's all I'll ever ask. And it's not just for me. It's for everybody. You took the time to read something. Make a writer's day - say something good or bad about it.

And for those that have been with me from the beginning and have extended their hand of friendship (you all know who you are), I thank you so much for everything as well. You've been one of the greatest things that happened in my life. For those yet to come, I wish you a merry meet and I hope to see you again in out journey. Namaste to all!

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