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Hai! My name is Jay Pay, and I'm a human. Shocking, ain't it? I use this site as a creative outlet and my place to show my love for my fandom outside of Tumblr. ALL HAIL TUMBLR. You can find me as You Know You Love It or something like that. I'm no professional. Most my work is in D. Grayman, but I am exploring new fandoms, particularly Homestuck and maybe the Avengers. I do my best for good grammar and syntax, and I am polishing up my quality so that I can match the best writers out here that I respect dearly, particularly Novelist Pup, Sister Wicked, and Bookkbaby. Please deal with my bull shit.

Well, then. This seems to keep happening, doesn't it? I keep dropping off the face of the FanFiction world. And I keep crawling back. So here I am again, trying to write again. Seems like a good idea. But this time it's different! I swear!

I am usually a D. Grayman writer, but I'm looking into new fandoms, mainly Homestuck, though I am interested in the Avengers...

But this is small compared to what I really want to talk about. I have made a Writing Agenda. I don't know of anyone else doing this or if it's a good idea, but I want to do it this way. I will write every night unless something comes up. I will work on my projects in a loop, both multiple chapter stories and one shots. And, my new ideas have limitations of when they can be worked on, though I can jot them down.

I really am feeling dedicated to this, very motivated. Writing fan fiction stories make me feel like I am using my creativity, that I'm still creative. This is a good thing for my creative self-esteem, so I'm really diving in head first.

What can you do to help me keep on track? Follow this simple 12 step guide.

1. Review

2. Review

3. Review

4. Review

5. Review

6. Review

7. Review

8. Review

9. Review

10. Review

11. Review

12. REVIEW... please

They are real motivators, especially when you have fun with them and be silly!

My goals in writing are to improve plot line development, relationship development, and comedy. And over all, quality.

Astala-bye-bye, Jay Pay.

I have deleted Eversond, my first story. I read it again for the first time in years, and I've decided that not only am I not proud of the writing, I have no clue what I was going with it. I'm sorry if you liked it, but I just want to end it here and now. Sorry if you don't like it, but I hope you'll stay and read more.

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