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sango32510 PM
Joined Oct '08

Ok My profile Not much to say, I am a big music fan to much to list all my fav but top five are

1. U2 (Love them so much)

2. Vast

3. Sarah Mclaughlin

4. AC/DC

5. Metallica

My Fav Shows are alot harder to choose

1. Supernatural

2. Bones

3. Castle

( Old Seasons )

5. Brothers And Sisters ( Never thought possible that they are more screwed up then my family)

Ok Now on to me... I have 2 brothers and one sister I am the second child, I Graduate from highschool next year in hopes to become either a photograhper or an Overseas Correspondent.Hopefully it will work out. My Fav color is Blue, I like Anime and that's pretty much it.

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