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High. Well I figured it was time to tell everyone alittle bit about myself. I am a nightauditor at a motel and I bartend the two nights a week that I don't work at the motel. I won't tell you my age Let's just say old enough to know better...but still have fun.

I don't have any stories of my own, but maybe that will chage someday. I have alot of ideals but I can't get them down in writing. I have a friend that we have talked about writing something together. So we'll see what happens she is better at it then me. We need to set up an account for her so she can get the credit for the stories.

Well enough about me. Here is a list of my favorites--ones I like and ones I don't like.


Marcus(The Undertaker)William Callaway--He is my all time favorite. I have liked him since he first came to the WWE(then the WWF). Yeah a long time ago.
My Other Favorites Are:
Matthew Moore and Jeffrey Nero Hardy
Shannon Brian Moore--Yeah I know he's gone,but he's not forgotten. Not my me or any other true fans of his.
Gregory Shane Helms
Glen (Kane) Jacobs
Micheal Shawn(Shawn Micheals) Hickenbotten and Paul(Hunter Hurst Helmsly)Micheal Levesque
John Felix Anthony Cena
Phil(CM Puck)Brooks
Dave Batista
Rob(Robert Alexander Szatkowski)Van Dam--Also gone but not forgotten.
John(John Hennigan)Morrison and Mike(Miz)Mizanin I know I know but what can I say.

Now these next three I'm toren on
Chris(Chris Jericho)Irvine--I like him but I am not thrilled with his current storylin.
Adam(Edge)Copeland--Now I do not like him as Adam Copeland because of the whole Amy(Lite)Dumas thing, but he is one of the best bad guys in the business today. So his charactor I do like you know love to hate thing. I also liked his charactor when it was Edge and Christian.
Jason(Christian Cage)Reso--We shall see.

I like these guys may change sometime: Diva's I like
Santino(Anthony Carelli)Marella He's good for a laugh Melina(Melina Prez)
Ken(Mr.Kennedy)Anderson Mickie James
Ron(R-Truth)Killings Marie(Maria Kanellis)
Matthew(Evan Bourne)Joseph Korklan Michelle(Michelle Leigh McCool)
Shad Gaspard and Jayson(JTG)Paul Beth(Elizabeth Kocanski)Phoenix
Trish(Patricia Anne Stratigias)Stratus
One's I hate
JBL(Jonathan Bradshaw Layfeild)
Vladimir(Oleg Prudius)Kozlov
Mark Henry
Montel(alvin Burke Jr.)Vontavious Porter
Mike(Mike Hettinga)Knox
Randall(Randy Orton)Keith Orton
Cody(Cody Rhodes)Runnels
Favorite Pairings
Taker/Shannon--Would really like to see one of these. Don't think I have.

Matt/Jeff--Yes I know I'm twisted!!

Jeff/Chris Jericho


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