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Hi there!

I figured no one will read my profile, so might as well cut the crap...


You're looking at the profile of a girl who loves PoT (Prince of Tennis), but is so picky that she mostly read OC romance stories, which there are so few and are rarely complete

So, I nag the authors to no end until they finish their stories. It's true, ask MaruiBuntaWorshipper (Her name is Renesis Metherlence now, a shout-out of sorry to her for being so outdated) ...hehe

I guess I will just be a reviewer here, since I don't have the aspiration (or talents!) to write ...'least for now.


P.S. I went through the phase of screening the search columns of my favourite PoT guys for OC (romance) stories, so for those rare people who stumble onto my profile, check out my Favourites for PoT OC stories, if you want to read OCs; as I know OC stories are hard to find, I mean, you can't input OC into the search column, so it's much more work looking for them.

Also, Katekyo Hitman Reborn is a GREAT ANIME, you should not miss it.

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